The Huddle, tonight at 1740


I am on Larry Williams’ show The Huddle, with me will be Josie Pagani.

  • Our topics are: Christchurch school announcement out today…including more hysteria from Christchurch residents. I do get a little bit tired of us throwing billions of dollars at them all the time and they all just protest and moan back at us! 
  • Hopefully have something on the Taupo ironman iwi charging to use the lake story. Ironman Australasia is holding a meeting with iwi representatives today. We hope there’s going to be an update by the time we go to air.
  • The AG’s report is due out on the Sky City convention centre tender process will be released tomorrow.

You can listen online or through more archaic methods.

As usual I will post the audio tomorrow.


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  • Phar Lap

    Mallard closed plenty of schools when Lie-bour ran their reign of terror.Interesting there was no reason in those days,not even an earthquake.From parents and unions all we got was the sound of silence.Now ,as the polls suggest Lie-bour and the hateful commie greens are protesting about a financial reality check.,seems common sense voters are tired and sick of two faced political parties.There comes a time when just for once all political parties should STFU and get their heads out of the arses.