The Hypocrisy of the Maori and Mana Parties

The Maori party and Mana party have been very vociferous in calling for bans for all tobacco in the general population. Hone Harawira and Tariana Turia in particular are on public record as harsh opponents of smoking. Turia demanded some sort of health portfolio when negotiating with National for the coalition arrangements precisely to push through anti-smoking measures.

Turia just 8 months ago was calling for the shaming of people who smoke in cars:

Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia has suggested drivers should show their disapproval of others smoking in cars carrying children by tooting at them and wagging their finger like Supernanny scolding a child.

Hone Harawira has said in the past, when he was part of the Maori party:

MP Hone Harawira, who is drafting the private member’s bill, said it was “not about trying to penalise the poor addicts who are smoking cigarettes”.

“But the tobacco companies can go to hell. We will no longer sacrifice our generations so you can make profits.”

“I can’t believe how we could have allowed this to carry on. This actually kills people and yet it’s legal.” 

Last night was the debate for Corrections Amendment Bill – Committee Stage – New Part 3. This is the law change to ban smoking in prisons. You would think that Hone Harawira and the Maori party would support the banning of prisoners from smoking…surely?

Ahh…but no…they in fact voted against this legislation. They simply cannot be taken seriously any longer on issues of tobacco control, they are hypocrites.


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  • Apolonia

    Big drop in support for the Maori party in latest roy morgan poll

    • Mr_Blobby

      To the majority of maori they are a joke 15% of the population and they get 1% of the vote and 3% of the seats. How does that shit work.

  • They simply cannot be taken seriously any longer on issues of tobacco control, they are hypocrites.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    What? They voted against prisoners not smoking?

    Now they have beaten big tobacco, and are aiming for booze, whats next for the do-gooders?

  • williamabong

    Anything either of these “political parties” add to the debate is bullshit, neither of them are interested in the welfare of the people who placed them in parliament, it’s the baubles of office that motivates them to say what they say,and nothing more.
    Once again the nation is pandering to fuckwits, Sharples and co, Hone, Winston, and the Greens all examples of how MMP has failed.
    Yet another example of the tail wagging the dog.

  • Childish

    Was the bene typo deliberate?

    • nope, tired, late at night…I made a mistake..correct now

  • tarkwin

    Cannot be taken seriously any longer? Anyone who took them seriously to start with has an iq lower than room temperature and should be considered an oxygen thief.

  • Phar Lap

    Can just see the headlines all around the world.”N Z tinpot racist parties” vote for smokers rights in prisons,reasons, more than half of the racist parties ethnic group,are in fact their constituents.

  • LionKing

    That smarmy bastard rooter Ian Lees-Galloway is a complete hypocrite as well. He’s an embarrassment to the Labour Party.

  • williamabong

    So lets get it straight, we actually pay these serial timewasters to talk this shit for hours on end, and if we, the taxpayer are paying for this why are there so many empty chairs, this is a fucking rort, were they so pissed after the evening meal that they couldn’t make it, or were most of them out dropping their mothers off to work at the brothel.
    Where is the accountability as to the time paid for versus the time spent at work versus actual tangible output from this three ring circus.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Yes what did happen to the days when everyone was in attendance, especially at voting time, for there vote to count. Now some Muppet gets and announces the number of votes and most speakers stand up and talk to an empty chamber.

  • Patrick

    The reality is the Maori Party & the Hariwiras are not interested in stopping their “constituents” from smoking. They are more interested in perpetuating the victim culture that they so love. “It’s not my fault I smoke it’s big bad tobacco companies”, “it’s not my fault I am in jail it’s because my land was stolen 200 years ago”, “it’s not my fault I don’t want to work it’s because of colonialism” etc etc.
    Stop the blame game & focus on making real change for Maori Hone & Tariana.

  • blazer

    it is well known BAT is a major sponsor of the Nats.Smoking in prisons or out is either legal or illegal.The real hypocrites are those that accept money from companies pushing a product that kills people.

  • Mr_Blobby

    No you got it all wrong. You aren’t allowed to smoke, but the relatives should not be disadvantaged in any way, if they want to smoke it is ok. It is a customary right under the treaty.

    Remember they are the political wing of the Gangs (Whanau) once smoking is banned (prohibition) it will be a very lucrative business for the organised criminals.

    “not about trying to penalise the poor addicts who are smoking cigarettes”.“But the tobacco companies can go to hell. We will no longer sacrifice our generations so you can make profits.”

    We want the profit for ourselves.Not some white motherfucker.

  • Winston he smokes like a train and will flog your smokes if you look away.
    What excuse do you think they will come up with, I have no idea, I did smoke and if I was to go inside what a great way to give up??? but then again prison is better than being outside get more for your SSSS. TWO faced Hone, just where do they come from, worry worry.