The last time Labour spun an A-G report it didn’t go so well for them

Neither the reports into David Benson-Pope nor Philip Field went the way of the spin and eventually both men were axed from Labour.

Philip Field was of course axed for daring to suggest he stand as an independent rather than for his corruption. To this day Labour has never said anything officially about Philip Field other than they respect the judgement of the court.

Meanwhile Labour are spinning and leaking the draft A-G report into Jones and Cunliffe like a top…not a good sign that he is cleared.

In fact the media have been back-pedalling quickly ever since the first reports were shopped to them:  

A report by the Auditor-General into Labour MP Shane Jones’ handling of an immigration case does not reach a ‘black and white’ conclusion, sources say.

In 2008 the former Cabinet minister decided to grant Chinese billionaire Bill Liu citizenship, against the advice of officials.

The case blew up last year when Liu appeared in court, charged with passport fraud. He was cleared, but the subsequent furore saw Labour leader David Shearer demote Jones, and call for the report.

Media today reported that Jones had been cleared by the probe. That would pave the way for his return to the front bench.

But a source who has seen the report, has warned the watchdog’s conclusions were not straightforward in exonerating Jones.

“Those matters are a question of degree, and I would refrain from rushing to judgement … the arguments are quite complex,” the source said.

Another source agreed, saying the report is not “unequivocal”.

I actually feel sorry for Jones, who was no doubt acting under orders. Cunliffe made sure he had plenty of official advice to cover his arse.

The main perpetrators in all this have left parliament now.


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  • Pete George

    David Shearer has taken a big risk on this:

    Labour leader David Shearer yesterday gave a clear hint that he will
    again promote Mr Jones to the front bench.

    Mr Shearer said the draft report was “pointing in the direction”.
    Although he has yet to read it, he has discussed it with Mr Jones.

    “It looks to him to be reasonably straight-forward . . . from what I
    understand there is no criminality or anything involved, which we
    always expected.”

    Shearer hasn’t read the report but bases his comments on what Jones told him – remarkably naive. He always was vulnerable on this but he is leaving himself very open here.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Mr Pete George – There is no risk here. These type of reports will neither clear nor find guilty. They will use some mumbo jumbo language and leave the report in limbo. Everybody can interpret the report to suit them. As Sheep is winning at the moment, whatever Sheep says will be accepted by the Kiwis. Sheep has pencilled in Pornsy Jonesy as the 2014 Maori Affairs Minister. So let us move on.

  • cows4me

    “the arguments are quite complex”, yes of course they are. The more complex they are the deeper the corruption. He’s either guilty as sin or is pure as driven snow, you can’t be both it’s a bit like being a little bit pregnant.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Despite what the AGs report says or doesn’t say, there’s still the stench of rampant unethical and corrupt practises surrounding this issue. Interpol warnings, numerous officials advising against Jones’s actions, privileged citizenship ceremonies, political party “donations” Jones and Samuels and the Labour Party with their other MPs proven to be corrupt also.

    Smoke…. Fire… Plenty more to be uncovered…

    • Troy

      Jones is a dirty smelly wanker (well we know this from his past jerk off escapades) but he stinks of corruption and he can use all the fancy oratory he likes to demonstrate that he has some form of intellect but I suspect he will come out of this smelling as tho he was just pulled out of a latrine.

  • Patrick

    Any whiff of dodgy dealings should be pursued by the courts – there are far too many dodgy cases that have come to light in recent years, the more that get ignored the more likely corruption will take hold in NZ Governement. For instance the electoral frauds of recent years have been ignored, the vandalism of electoral hoardings, dodgy financing, pledge cards etc etc. Clarke’s patsy Police Commissioner Howard Broad did his utmost to protect the Labour Party.