The “precious LVWMQPXS heavyweight belt”? What the hell is that?

via the tipline

Regarding NZ Horrid stuff-ups… check out Chris Rattue’s article on Sonny Bill Williams


They didn’t know the name of the title he was fighting for and put m”LVWMQPXS” to be edited later… only they forgot. 

They really need to do something:

See this shit


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  • Mark

    I’ll be generous and say that I think Rattue was being sarcastic over how many different belts there are so made up a nonsensical one with lots of letters.

    • grumpy

      He is – and very well too!

      • Grumpy is dead right. There are frequently references to boxing’s many and varied “alphabet titles”.

    • thor42

      I agree – I’m sure that’s what he was doing. WBC, WBO, IBF…. on and on it goes….

    • Mickrodge

      Yes, I’m prone to agree with this theory. Benefit of the doubt this time.

    • Ronnie Chow

      Don’t be . It’s just one of the many daily typos.

  • tarkwin

    I read that this morning and just assumed it was an abbreviation for some belt I’d never heard of. Obviously I neglected to factor in the Herald allowance.

  • Mitch82

    Is there any further news on Botha failing a drug test? The fallout is sure as hell interesting, Bob Jones’ comments on Williams were spot on.

    • grumpy

      There was no drug test, let alone a failed one. Just SBW’s camp trying to put up a little diversion.

      • Mitch82

        Have you got any links to anything refuting the drug test? The current story is pasted below, but there’s little by way of names apart from a “leading sports doctor”.

        “FRANCOIS BOTHA, the former heavyweight world champion beaten by Sonny Bill Williams on Friday night, has tested positive to a banned substance.

        Botha, whose claims he did not know the WBA international heavyweight bout would only last 10 rounds have also now been discredited, failed a drugs test on the eve of the fight.

        Results of a urine sample submitted by the 44-year-old South African in Brisbane last Tuesday under WBA regulations show he had Phentermine – a banned stimulant – in his system.

        The drugs test, which has now been forwarded to the WBA’s global headquarters in Panama, also detected Benzodiazepine, which suggested Botha was also using a valium-type product.”

  • Pete George

    Mabe it was deliberately taking the piss at yet another meaningless boxing title. But probably not, they are likely to have just forgotten which world and which grand title that particular championship associates itself with.

    And you must admit, it’s a bit more concise than ‘heavyweight belt between a drugged fat middle aged last century boxer and a cynically overmarketed under experienced commodity’.

  • It was sarcasm. The sanctioning bodies are often referred to as the Alphabets.

  • Richard McGrath

    For another embarrassing screwup, check out the NotPC blog:

  • blam

    It wouldn’t have been the WBA belt for sure if that is what the blogger is insinuating, every recognised title belt is a 12 rounder, so the Herald reporter is correct..its any belt you could think up ( the belt shown at the end of the fight was proved to be a copy and paste)