The Super Bowl is a gun-free zone. Oh really?


The photos were released without permission by a company that manufacturers [sic] one of the parts of the rifle. They were sent to the company as a thank you for their private feelings of accomplishment. …this was nothing spectacular.

This sniper is in the same hide for every NFL game in that stadium.  

He is the best sniper on the department, well qualified for that shot. But thanks to a company that couldn’t decide that posting confidential photos on the internet [sic] was a bad idea, he may never see a hide again.

The Rifle: Remington 700 SPS Tactical 18″ .308 Threaded 5/8×24

Stock: XLR Industries Evolution Chassis

Scope: US Optics

The Suppressor: Direct Thread On Suppressed Armament System (SAS)

Triipod [sic]: DCLW w/ Flatop

Shooter: Indianapolis Metro Police Dept. SWAT

I wonder how many anti-gun Americans visiting the Super Bowl this year will privately like the idea that there are a number of snipers squirreled away keeping watch over the crowd.

Just.  In. Case.

Because you can bet dollars to donuts that if something happens that requires an armed response, they’d be the first to accuse the authorities of not protecting an unarmed crowd.

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  • R>turth

    I think I would prefer going to a game (or boarding a lfight) where the security is high, and background checks and work has been done rather than not. If you have no bad intentions, then why shoudl this be an issue ?

  • R>turth

    and, BTW, what is the hardward on the tri-pod ?

  • grumpy

    I think it’s the newer XM2010, in which case it is also .300 Winchester Magnum.
    An awesome machine.

  • James M

    Its because of Bane that they need these measures.

  • John Q Public

    That’s from last year’s Superbowl.

  • steve and monique


  • Mr_V4

    Please explain why snipers are required to watch over football game?

    Compare and contrast to NZ where we used to let a guy rev a Chainsaw while above the crowd in a cherrypicker.