This applies to the Green Taliban

This article in the Telegraph accurate describes the green taliban, just substitute Liberal Democrat with Green party and you will get the gist:

One of the most important, though least recognised, functions of the modern Liberal Democrat party has been as a home for eccentrics and the harmless lunatic fringe. The importance of this should not be understated. The British have always tolerated, and sometimes celebrated, feckless and irresponsible men and women – and they need a home in public life. 

For obvious reasons, however, it is best such people are kept out of government. Hence the charm of the Lib Dems. For more than half a century they have provided a secure base on the sidelines from which all manner of ammunition can be hurled at the ruling party, though with no genuine prospect of gaining power.


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  • Whafe

    Sums up the lefty Pinko’s within NZ politics to a T.

    God help us….

  • cows4me

    Basically the mentally insane in government can only pretend to be sane for brief periods of time before it all turns to shit and they start howling at the full moon. The Melons and Liarbore fit this description perfectly. Sadly the true problem is a rather naive, bordering on thick population that fall for their crap and vote for the Aholes.