This woman is taking the piss

Some people have really small minds…like this silly cow complaining about a Tui billboard. Tui will be thrilled with the publicity.


A woman whose complaint against using the word “piss” on a Tui billboard in Napier has been turned down by the Advertising Standards Authority.

However, she is defying the authority’s warnings not to go public.

Barbara McKelvie, of Eskdale, one of two people who complained about the beer billboard which was last night still in place across the road from Pandora Pond, was asked not to make her complaint public before February 2.

But, with a dig at the mail system, she wrote to Hawke’s Bay Today , saying: “I am aware that this letter, in the hands of NZ Post, may or may not reach you prior to 2 February!”

Shit, who uses mail?