Time to change course on acne treatments?

The Herald tells us that an antibacterial acne treatment called Rusty has changed course.



Cycline is a component of popular anti-acne medication…but apparently it has blown out of proportion and is now ravaging Pardoo

Interestingly I have been to Pardoo, on my road trip around Australia, it consists of a roadhouse and petrol station. They make a good trade in funny t-shirts. I bought a few there.

While a big storm is devastating a few small communities in Australia, a bigger storm is destroying what remaining credibility the Herald still possesses.

See this shit


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  • PlanetOrphan

    Reminds me of the idiots that used to “Speed Read” books in seconds and then give you a review.

    Those editors @ the Herald are obviously the fastest in the West M8!
    Editing an online Newspaper should get more attention than the rubicks cube sitting unsolved on their desk.

  • In Vino Veritas

    Theres also the one on pg A5 Q & A by Audrey Young. Last question ends “…Waikato River used by Might River Power”.
    Not bad. A paper that has staff that can’t spell. Brilliant. Or brilant. Whichever.

  • layoutman

    When there’s a fire in town quick.. call the little engine, call the little engine, call the little engine flick.. Berkinhead Fire Engine makes good time ..but fails to stop flames engulfing a shed in Christchurch


  • I am aware of Cycline is a component of popular anti-acne medication but I guess that I am gonna know some health products and related courses over here. anyways I liked the idea you have here.