Too much to hope for common sense?

via The Courier-Journal

via The Courier-Journal

He can’t believe it has happened again?

Has someone checked Novopay isn’t beset with the number 666?



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  • starboard

    ” cuckoo..cuckoo “

  • cows4me

    No he can’t be the anti-Christ that’s Obummers job.

  • Patrick

    “I am completely at a loss for words” – good, shut up then & get to work.

  • Rodger T

    Would he be happy with 333,not quite a beast?

    • Half a beast even

    • axeman

      667 … next door neighbour to the beast

  • peterwn

    Someone knew what the Canadian tax authorities took him for when he found his tax number was SAP 1234 (or whatever).

  • Richard McGrath

    Does he realise the Bible contains the number 666?

  • Liberty

    Is there any real difference between Fundamentalist
    Jesus freaks and Fundamentalist Muslims?

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Or 333, half evil
    (shit, didn’t read the post below, sorry about that chief)

  • phronesis

    The number 1 is clearly worse as it is 1/666 of 666 or 1/devil x devil = devil