Top 25 Obscure sports: Japanese Binocular Soccer, Snow Polo and Kaninhop

Speaking of Obscure Sports, here are some more.

We’re doing three in this post, because the first one came in from a reader via the tipline:  Japanese Binocular Soccer.  And yes, that will make it the top 26 obscure sports, but let’s not get pedantic.

This modified form of polo was started in Switzerland in 1985 but since then it has spread internationally. In the United States it is played exclusively in Aspen, Colorado (yes, its still a rich people sport).

We owe it to the Swedes for coming up with a sport such as this. Its simple really – trained bunnies hopping over obstacles. Its not really a new concept as Equestrian Show Jumping has been around for years, but come on, they’re bunnies.


Via: list25


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