Top 25 Obscure sports: Man vs. Horse and Bog Snorkeling

Speaking of Obscure Sports, here are some more.

Every June in the Welsh town of Llanwrtyd Wells competitors line up to prove they can beat a horse to a finish line that is 22 miles away. Why? Rumor has it that in 1980 the owner of a local pub, Gordon Green, overheard two patrons arguing over whether a man could beat a horse in a marathon. Well, there was only one way to find out.

400 runners,50 horses racing over 22 miles at LLanwrtyd Wells in Wales. Runners have a 15 minute head start then the horses start in pursuit. The route is tortuous, hills, streams, bogs and forestry tracks. At the halfway point, all the horses are vetted and held until their heart rate is below 64bpm. The race can be won and lost at this point. With prize money of 1000 guineas it attracts top runners

Not only are you swimming 120 meters through a bog, you are not allowed to use conventional swimming strokes, relying only on the power of your flippers. And just like most of the sports on this series of posts, this obscure sport was started in the United Kingdom… over a bet.


Even if you have been luke-warm about this series, you’re going to love tomorrow. Especially if you are a Dotcon fan.


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