Top 3 Weapons To Survive The Apocalypse

FPSRussia has been watching Doomsday Prep and has selected three weapons you should get if you want to survive the Apocalypse:

Here are those weapons again:  



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  • Shazza

    Two Merikan made weapons? Hardly. Try the (Тяжёлый Пехотный Огнемёт) TPO-70 (ТПО-70) / Heavy Infantry Flamethrower.

    • Heh. That’s a picture of a hair curler.

      • Travis Poulson

        Yes but its a dangerous looking hair curler!

        • Shazza

          Even better, it’s a hair straightener. Remington made. Only the best for Alien pubes.

          • Not aware Aliens have pubes around their probes.

            (Another sequence of words I never expected to put together)

  • Dumrse

    Fat lot of use when the wall is built to standard and filled with concrete and rebo. Now, something thats got a .5 in its dimensions may be a different story.

  • dotcom

    On reading your headline, I would not have been the only one predicting that the AK-47 would be in the list of 3.

  • Hans

    Boyo will be deaf pretty soon. Ear protection for the apocalypse FTW.

  • StupidDisqus

    Fuck all those. Davy Crocket Recoilless Rifle. Effective range 1.5km Warhead 20kt equiv. Blast radius 0.5km. Radiation Hazard radius 2km. Bugger surviving the apocalypse, start your own!

    Best of all, as a man-portable projectile weapon system, Americans have the constitutional right to keep bear Davy Crockets.