Trotter isn’t impressed

Chris Trotter has some stern words about Labour, its caucus and David Shearer:

AS LABOUR’S TRAIN rolls on towards 2014, I feel a bit like the bull in the Georgia politician’s story. Describing yet another doomed campaign waged by his liberal opponents in the Senate, the all-powerful leader of the segregationist Southern Caucus, Senator Richard B. Russell Jnr, observed that their position “reminded him of a bull who had charged a locomotive train. That was the bravest bull I ever saw, but I can’t say a lot for its judgement.”

I should have known that in championing the leadership credentials of David Cunliffe I was backing a bull over a locomotive.

Yes the bull got run down. What about Labour’s caucus and their abilities? 

I don’t think it is drawing too long a bow to say that the moral health (not to mention the historical success) of any political party depends upon its caucus’s ability to both recognise and engineer the promotion of the one/s most likely to succeed.

The elevation of the woefully inexperienced and chronically inarticulate David Shearer to the Labour leadership revealed a caucus no longer capable of identifying “The One”. Indeed, the very notion of a candidate possessing outstanding leadership qualities is now condemned as both disruptive and demoralising. Anyone promoted on the grounds that they possess superior talent or, God forbid! – charisma – is immediately blackballed by their less talented and charisma-bypassed colleagues.

The personality structure best suited to a Labour caucus overpopulated with MPs who owe their parliamentary seats to a high ranking on the Party List is that of the passive-aggressive courtier; the intriguer; the secretive collector of his or her colleagues’ political IOUs.

Robust egos and forthright personalities are proving easy meat for such folk.

Is Trotter suggesting another coup in his last paragraph?

It is in the nature of bulls to defend their own. Mr Cunliffe’s supporters should, therefore, console themselves with the knowledge that while they lacked the judgement to avoid a head-on collision with Labour’s locomotive, they retained just enough courage for one final, redeeming, charge.


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  • Pete George

    I doubt Trotter is suggesting a coup, or if he is he is contradicting himself or making widely varying suggestions. He also said “I ask myself: “With Champagne Charlie gone, can the talented Mr Cunliffe be far behind?”

    And it appears that he has this wrong. In response:

    DC is really enjoying his time being the MP for New Lynn and is working on some long term local campaigns. He is going nowhere.

    No reason to disbelieve, and I’ve had that supported by another source. It seems that Cunliffe “is going nowhere”.

  • blazer

    ‘he woefully inexperienced and chronically inarticulate David Shearer’….this is the big problem.Doomed.

  • cows4me

    Why does Trotts work himself up over the leadership role. Gees the whole caucus should be put in a large sack and dropped out to sea. Really the whole political party has lost the the plot with many suffering advanced senility. They offer nothing more then the same bullshit of more socialism, you would have thought the retards would have figured out the people tier of their crap.

  • niggly

    Hmmm, with Shearer kicking Cunliffe’s nuts recently, I see a slight upturn in the polls for Labour (and if you believe the likes of Tracey Watkins this week, Labour have been declared the 2014 election winners – LOL, fuck off journos who like to predict the future, it’s not like they have become Lotto millionaires due to their wisdom)!

    Meanwhile Chris Trotter is continuing to play out this Shearer v Cunliffe issue (TG I don’t read the SubStandard anymore to see what they are jerking off about).

    Meethinks fantastic,keep up the dissent against Shearer you Cunliffe supporters!

    There’s nothing like discontent to turn of the voters and hopefully Labour will remain in the dirt where they deserve to belong indefinitely!

  • Mr_Blobby

    He put that well. “less talented and charisma-bypassed colleagues.” I would have said “self-serving unionists and a gaggle of gays”. or just bitter and twisted old witches that look like a bus has run over them..

  • Patrick

    Problem for Labour is there is no “The One” within their party. Shearer is inadequate, Cunliffe is too divisive & Robertson (despite Whaleoil giving him a good pumping over recent weeks) is probably a leap too far for the average Kiwi – especially blue collar males.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Trotter is a loser. He is not able to see the big picture. Everybody knows Shearer has turned around the fortunes of Labour and they are going to sleep walk to victory in 2014. Trotter is unnecessarily trying to stir things up. Wait for the TV3 poll soon to come out. According to my insiders, Labour will be up by 8 points in the poll and narrowing the gap to just 4 points with Nats.

  • Mr_V4

    Lenin & Stalin not marxist enough for Mr Trotter