True reasons for Pope’s sudden resignation revealed


Kathryn Ryan interviews US correspondent Jack Hitt. ?Kathryn takes a minute to settle to the seriousness of the interview, you just have to put up with her, or jump to 1 minute into the clip if you want to save a minute of your life.

It is really recommended that those who are blindly supporting the Catholic Church listen to this interview. ?This interview is as?damning?for the Church as it is for the current Pope, and it lifts the veil on what lies behind his true reasons for resigning.

The short audio clip is over the break.

I suspect that our usual commenters that support the Catholic Church will not be able to wade into the comments section on this post. ?No matter how good they are themselves, or even their local church community, the stark reality is that they are?aligned?and implicitly support the Vatican, the Pope, and everything they do.

Now that the facts are coming out, as they always do, Ratzinger is probably going to ?ground more than resigning due to bad health and a need to spend more time with God. ?He was tasked with keeping a lid on it, but the lid refuses to stay down. ?There’s a shit storm coming towards the Catholic Church, and some of it is directed at him personally.

I’m not convinced this is a problem limited to some Church individuals. ?The picture is becoming clear that the problem is systemic within the Catholic Church, and their stance of non-cooperation and cover ups is truly their only option to try and weather this storm.

The next few decades will be a testing time for clear thinking Catholics as the true horror of these atrocities continue to unfold in public.