True reasons for Pope’s sudden resignation revealed


Kathryn Ryan interviews US correspondent Jack Hitt.  Kathryn takes a minute to settle to the seriousness of the interview, you just have to put up with her, or jump to 1 minute into the clip if you want to save a minute of your life.

It is really recommended that those who are blindly supporting the Catholic Church listen to this interview.  This interview is as damning for the Church as it is for the current Pope, and it lifts the veil on what lies behind his true reasons for resigning.

The short audio clip is over the break.

I suspect that our usual commenters that support the Catholic Church will not be able to wade into the comments section on this post.  No matter how good they are themselves, or even their local church community, the stark reality is that they are aligned and implicitly support the Vatican, the Pope, and everything they do.

Now that the facts are coming out, as they always do, Ratzinger is probably going to  ground more than resigning due to bad health and a need to spend more time with God.  He was tasked with keeping a lid on it, but the lid refuses to stay down.  There’s a shit storm coming towards the Catholic Church, and some of it is directed at him personally.

I’m not convinced this is a problem limited to some Church individuals.  The picture is becoming clear that the problem is systemic within the Catholic Church, and their stance of non-cooperation and cover ups is truly their only option to try and weather this storm.

The next few decades will be a testing time for clear thinking Catholics as the true horror of these atrocities continue to unfold in public.


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  • PlanetOrphan

    Necromantic rituals, Off the record, Behind closed doors, Denials, Delusions, Subversive rhetoric ….
    All recipes for practicing the art of WitchCraft (Twisted Psychology or “Torture”).

    They use their “Flock” as shields and abuse anyone and everyone because they are the “Alphas” in their crazy cultish society.

    Then those F’wits blame the kids they abused because “They Asked for it”.

    All spoken through false smiles and vigourous handshakes.
    Maggots one and all M8!
    Christ Died for their sins and no one elses ya Morons!

  • Andrei

    Yes I’m sure that a third rate NYT journalist and a radio New Zealand host have the inside gen on the inner workings of the Vatican

    • james smith

      Why then would Pope Benedict XVI remove the founder of the Legion of Christ from active ministry, and order him to spend the rest of his days “in prayer and penance” if this “third rate” journalist was not speaking the truth?
      Too many Catholic Apologists.

    • Lion_ess
    • Ah, attack the credibility of the messenger. How unique. What about the facts Andrei? All those boys just made it up? Looking to get famous? Having to appoint a special position within the Church to deal with these crimes is just fiction is it? How can you be this blinkered?

    • Bunswalla

      Let’s follow the church’s example and transfer the journalist to another parish somewhere a long way away. That will fix it, yes?

  • ConwayCaptain

    He will be imprisoned inside Vatican City for the rest of his days.

  • ConwayCaptain

    The RC Church is CORRUPT to the core.
    The Pope has apponted an outsider to clean up the Vatican Bank which has been implicated in money laundering.
    The Church has been complicit in nthe cover up of MASSIVE c hild abuse world wide.
    It has also been guilty in Ireland of cruelty to young women in the Magdalene Laundries. To such an extent that one of the most Catholic countries in the world has turned its back on the Church.
    It was implicit, along with other organisations, of the transportation and subsequent cruelty to children , in Aus and NZ at end of WW2.
    It was implicit in the escape of Nazi War Criminals to S America and other places.
    These Augean Stables of the Vatican need to be cleaned out and exposed to the cleansing influence of Sunshine. Maybe if the new Pop rooted out the corrupt and evil Cardinals of talian origin it would be a start,

  • blokeintakapuna

    For decades, Centuries even, the Church and State have been able to “control the information” which has been used to “control” the populace and bend their thinking to the slanted angle the Church wishes to spin. Just like the unions and their “newsletters”

    The invention of the Internet and social media has done more to “liberate society” from the shackles of the Church’s scaremongering propaganda than perhaps anything else throughout all of time. Even more so than the sexual revolution in the 60’s would be my guess… Simply because of the rapid, wide spread uptake of the availability of these relatively new tools most individuals have access to.

    Today; they’re all lost at sea with the huge leaps in social change and with how rapidly technology has had such a dramatic impact on the world… Even Despite the church and socialist governments. Think of the recent Arab Spring and the social changes things like the Internet and smart phones have been able to deliver for those people.

    Today, we don’t have to swallow every bit of information the Curch and State feed us if we don’t want to and we all certainly have the ability to use google to check the validity of what were being told. Liars and cheaters are soon found out. There are other avenues open for us to check facts.

    Socialists hate this and want us all to kowtow to only their way… And it’s the same with the Church’s who still cling to outdated mores with such thinking where only a man can love a woman.

    These same Church’s still only acknowledge two genders, when in reality there are at least three… Shemales / ladyboys being the 3rd, yet these sanctimonious humans think they can trump God’s creations through dogmatic insistence that only they know best because they belong to the Church. Yeah Right!

  • A lot of innuendo there, especially that last statement from Jack Hitt, which is not actually correct.

    Pope Benedict is 85 years old, with a punishing schedule that most people much younger than him would find difficult to keep up with. There are reports that he has gone blind in one eye. He has a pacemaker. He has recently lost a lot of weight. He gets wheeled around, and from some comments I’ve seen, people are shocked and worried about how weak he seems.

    He’s old. That’s all there is to his abdication. I truly doubt he’ll be watching TV, as Katherine Ryan says, when he steps down.

    • Yes, let’s just gloss over the actual abuse and focus on a tiny part of the interview where the reporter injects a little of his own opinion.

      Are you and Andrei working from the same playbook here?

      • When you are the head of the largest religion in the world, you have to deal with a lot of shite. Including people trying to link you with those you have to deal with, including the founder of Regnum Christie, who Pope Benedict XVI immediately upon his election was able to use his power to force the man to step down. There will be nothing in those documents that will make him look bad, no matter how much spinning everyone is doing.

        • I don’t think the RC Church is much different from any other large organisation in that the people higher up the tree are generally clever enough to do the dirty work at a sufficient distance to themselves.

          We’re not talking about our local churches here, but a true empire with incredible riches, a deep tradition, an unimaginably dense complexity of internal politics, and real life problems is going to have to answer some hard questions. Covering it up is no longer going to work.

          I would imagine an ideal church would say, “We are disgusted and saddened by these discoveries, we will fully cooperate with the authorities and bring any wrong-doer to justice, both in civil court and within the Church. But the actual reaction seems just about diametrically opposed to that.

          • You have that impression only because you let the media guide your opinion on what is going on.

            I get it, though. Either the Catholic Church is exactly what she says she is, what no other organisation on earth claims, or she is a giant fraud. It all comes down to that, and if you don’t believe the former then you’ll believe anything of her.

          • Lucia, the Church is its people. And people are sinners.

            What makes it a problem is how the Church deals with this when their own sin against the most innocent of all.

            Do the actively try and stop it? Or do they try to cover it up?

            I can appreciate that, in the beginning, people would say “Oh my, let’s keep this quiet and deal with this privately”, without any genuine need to deceive. A bit like “what happens on tour, stays on tour”, but at a church level. I get that.

            But since then, the scale of the problem has come to the point where it’s necessary for someone to show leadership and say: “This ends here, this ends now. We will fully cooperate with the courts and authorities to track down the offenders, and we will leave no stone unturned to ensure we pull this evil out by the roots.

          • Benedict has said that it ends here. Without a doubt. But you’ve got to remember that the Church is in jurisdictions where it’s dangerous to go to the authorities, so there can’t be a worldwide blanket rule. The underground Church in China for example, where the first thing the leadership said of Benedict’s abdication was that they hoped the new pope would not interfere in China’s internal matters, ie running the State church.

            And the authorities and the courts have a terrible track record in dealing with paedophiles, as we can see very well here in NZ.

          • sandynobb

            Get it right – it is the ROMAN Catholic Church. The Anglican and Orthodox Churches are also catholic churches.

          • tarkwin

            I don’t think they’re the only organisation with this problem. The local Rotary club up here operate like the Mafia and are probably as corrupt.

        • Seriously though why can’t the church stop priests from kiddie fiddling?

          • When will the teachers Union stop teachers from kiddie fiddling? or When will the Anglican Church stop vicars from kiddie fiddling? Or When will the Scouts stop scout masters from kiddie fiddling? When will the BBC stop actors/celebs from kiddy fiddling?

          • A=random=reader

            The Teachers Union doesn’t systematically shelter the perpetrators or cover up the crimes of depraved kiddie fiddlers.

            The Anglican Church doesn’t systematically shelter the perpetrators or cover up the crimes of depraved kiddie fiddlers.

            The Boy Scouts Movement doesn’t systematically shelter the perpetrators or cover up the crimes of depraved kiddie fiddlers.

            The BBC did shelter the comedian Jimmy Saville and cover up his crimes. They are being ripped apart for doing so.

            Can you not see the difference? There are none so blind as those that will not see.

          • Well said.

          • Um, yeah they do. You’re just assuming they don’t.

          • Bunswalla

            Well, the teachers union does do some of those things. They didn’t sack the teacher that put out a hit on her principal.

          • What he said below plus theres also that eternal hell of damnation thing they could use…

        • berenddeboer

          Note that Lucia says stepping down. What Maciel actually was ordered to do was to have a life of penitence and prayer. Apparently that means:

          “The Vatican order of dismissal threw Garza into an awkward situation. The Legion’s response contained contradictory elements. The order proclaimed its loyalty to Benedict while comparing Maciel to Christ as falsely accused, facing his new life with “tranquility of conscience.” In this bizarre fandango of language — the Vatican ordering Maciel into penitential life while praising the Legion, and the Legion comparing their founder to Christ — Maciel was running up charges in a Florida luxury hotel.”

    • 4077th

      He is not the only one who is only able to see out of one eye Lucia.

    • Mitch82

      Pope John Paul II was in a bad way for the last fear years before he passed, probably worse than Ratzinger is now, and didn’t resign.

      • That’s right, and Benedict was there to see the decline and the results.

  • Andrei

    There’s a shit storm coming towards the Catholic Church

    The Church has weathered many shit storms in the past 2000 years and is still here. Roman Catholic Church has over a billion members more people listen to the Pope than just about anyone you can care to mention.

    Those who would prefer we follow the meanderings of Ban Ki-moon or Helen Clark might lament this and following on from the techniques pioneered in the Soviet Union to attack the Russian Church try to do the same with the Latin Church.

    In the long term it didn’t work with the Russian Church and it wont against the Latin Church.

    All this crap is doing is creating a spiritual gap within Europe that the Muslims are filling

    • All the more reason for the RC Church to get its shit together, don’t you think?

      • We are getting our shit together. It is happening. The media is just stuck a number of years in the past, that is the problem.

        • Mitch82

          If you are, well and good. As has always been the sticking point, is that where you see people being ‘stuck in the past’, we’re worried that we’ll still be having this debate in 20 years, when the abuses of 2012 come to light.

  • Chris

    There is only one thing worse than the cover ups and that is hiding the perpetrators from facing justice

  • berenddeboer

    Some history on Maciel and his relation to Pope John Paul II:

    Maciel built a power base in Rome as the greatest fundraiser of the modern church. He won the undying support of Pope John Paul II, who called him an “efficacious guide to youth” and praised Maciel in lavish ceremonies even after a 1998 canon law case at the Vatican in which the cleric was accused of sexually abusing Legion seminarians.

  • berenddeboer

    And what happened when everyone on the inside knows you’re a incestuous pedophile? You announce they have gone to heaven! From the same article:

    At his death, the Legion website announced that Maciel had gone to heaven. Yet at that very time, Fr. Luis Garza and other top Legionaries were scrambling to decide how, and when, to reveal that Maciel had a grown daughter — a fact the Vatican had known for three years.

    • The Legion was in denial. It happens.

      • berenddeboer

        That’s not denial Lucia, it’s evil.

        • Only if whomever was responsible for putting that up on the website knew it to be false.

          • berenddeboer

            John Pope II called him “”an efficacious guide to youth”. He knew that was false. So that was evil.

          • No, he did not know that was false. JPII was from Poland where the authorities used charges of paedophilia to discredit completely innocent people, so he was wary accusations without proof. And at that point there was not enough proof. There had been investigations, but no one talked. If no one talks, then there’s no evidence. JPII was not a mind reader, and generally thought the best of people.

          • berenddeboer

            Note that JPII said this “even after a 1998 canon law case at the Vatican in which the cleric was accused of sexually abusing Legion seminarians.” That completely contradicts your evasion. He knew.

            That no one talked is because those at the Legion had to take an oath not to say anything against its founder. Just the fact that such things are possible is nuts. Good on Benedict to at least abolish that (only in this instance probably, who knows how many secret oaths there are in the RC Church).

            But then, people still talked, and knew about this. Everyone knew. Except those who rather had the $60 million.

            The documentation that people knew is there Lucia. We are reading it. We are seeing it. The systematic abuse and systematic cover up is so completely documented and has passed so many courts, that I have to pity you for maintaining the position you do.

          • Again, he did not know. What he knew was that there were accusations. What he did not know was whether or not they were true.

          • berenddeboer

            Right. When detailed accusations about child abuse are made against your best fundraiser, which have reached your highest courts, you just ignore that and call him “an efficacious guide to youth” and praise him in public. I got it. This is the Roman Catholic Church after all!

          • Bunswalla

            It was the commies – got it. In fact accusing priests of paedophilia is not a good way to discredit them. Rather it shows they fit right in.

  • Elizabeth Bourchier

    There are huge problems in the Catholic Church.
    Benedict did not have the capability or background to make the massive cultural and organisational change required.

    Jack Hitt has outlined a number of the issues. See for yourself how credible he is as a commentator on this scale. Or not.

  • HtD

    clear thinking Catholics? “clear thinking” and “Catholics” are mutually exclusive concepts

  • scum