Truth says Maori Party President may support partnership schools at Education Select Committee

I have written at Truth’s website details about support of the Maori party for charter schools at the Education Select Committee this morning.

At the education select committee mid morning today, a Dr Toby Curtis, who is chairman of the Iwi Education Authority will be presenting to the Science and Education select committee.

Accompanying him is none other than Pem Bird, the Maori Party President and Ngai Tahu elder, who will be arguing in favour of partnership schools. Bird, according to his biography on the Maori Party website is an educationalist, awarded a QSM for services to Maori Education in 2008, by the then Labour government.
Despite union wailing and carping partnership schools looks like it is now a done deal.



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  • Allyson

    Relocation of factory work to China/India and decline in Trade Union influence leaves Teachers carrying burden for leftwing idealism. The debate is not about what is best for children but a desperate last gasp attempt to preserve a failed political system where major leftwing party is propped up by Trade union nasties. Those days are gone, we put our kids first and we have the greens for leftwing balance. Teachers will not tolerate this situation much longer.

    • In Vino Veritas

      Allyson, unfortunately, it can’t be said that the Greens provide balance to the leftwing. With their radicalness, they are more of a destablising influence than a balance.

  • Patrick

    The Maori Pary should accept Charter Schools, in fact the Maori Party should welcome Charter Schools with open arms. Anything that could potentially lift the number of their constituents education levels has to be a good thing. The current education systems fails Maori abysmally – for whatever reasons.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Brilliant! Another inconvenient nail in the propaganda coffin of the education unions.
    A law passed making “everyone in the education sector” strive for “continuous improvement and better educational outcomes” would be enough to twist the unions upon themselves in a festering heap of incompetence and outrage at having to meet some standards upon which parents could better evaluate them… which would then help the Principals pin point the teachers who needs extra training, support… or who needs to be put out to pasture because they can’t keep up in 2013.
    Raise the performance bar, insist on these standards, enforce them rigidly and constantly and also insist that teachers must complete at least 40 hours p.a of CPD. Those measures alone will show who leads the pack… and who is lame and can’t keep up.
    In nature, those that are lame and can’t keep up… well, nature helps them complete the circle of life. In schooling, teachers that can’t keep up, should be either helped to keep up or if they are just too old and tired, they need to be shown the door to make room for more effective teachers. Sheltering unproductive, tired old has-beens simply because they’re getting close to retirement should be illegal and treated as child abuse because of the negative impacts it has on a childs development potential. Attempting to minimise a childs potential through “go slow” actions by the unions should be treated as Treason upon the future populace and these unions should be held legally, financially and morally accountable.

  • tarkwin

    While I agree with him, being in the Maori Party one has to look for the kick back. Has he hidden a Taniwha under the the new charter schools? Maybe I’m being too cynical, but the law of averages is well and truly on my side.

    • manuka416

      Yeah, a bit cynical.