Tweet of the Day


The phoney war is over and the Greens and Labour are now openly fighting.

Russel Norman was tweeting about printing money:

and the social media genius Trevor Mallard reacted:

and then Russel hit him hard:

Smart stuff from Norman, showing that the Greens won’t back down against cyber-bullying and social media stupidity from the likes of Mallard and at the same time reminding Mallard and Labour of their less than stellar performance in certain areas.

Trevor Mallard of course won’t be able to resist and the tensions between Labour and the Greens will build into a lovely little shit fight.

Labour MPs still hold the belief that the Greens are stealing their natural constituency. So long as the Labour hold onto silly fools like Trevor Mallard they will continue to do so.


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  • Mitch82

    I still have problems believing we actually pay these ass-hats when they act like 10 year olds.

    • Guest2

      Hold on hold on!,,,, did russel Norman just say labour policies is the reason for unaffordable housing…so let me get this very straight in my mind…labour caused the problem not national.

      So when russel gets up in the house and says ” does the prime minister stands by his statement xyz…”
      Can John keys stand up in the house and say.” does Russell Norman stand by his tweet that the reason for unaffordable housing is the labour government problem and not as he has described that the sitting government problem but will support the national in unwinding the labour parties unaffordable housing issues”

      ” will he also apologize and stand down from from parliament for making miss leading statements”

      Greens now have to defend Russell sand labour have to defend Andrew Littles all employers are parasites at the next election.

      This is bigger than dot com ….

      • unsol

        Totally with you on that one!

        Oh how this little cat fight is music to my ears….I hope for our country’s sake that the Labour Party never recognize good policy & good strategy & continue to keep people like duck boy around.

        The irony of Russell blaming Labour is just pure poetry. Love it. What a perfect end to a lovely weekend.

  • kohibruce

    Hard to see Labour going a short 10 rounds – let alone a full 12 rounds against any opponent.

    • Guest2

      It is going to get worst. Time for accountability said the registrar won’t release the EMPU financial accounts because they are investigating and Green peace is no longer a charity neither the EMPU and green peace cant make donations and they are the biggest sponsors of the two parties. There must be some serious shit going down..looks like labour and greens will only to be able afford tweeting at the next election

      • Patrick

        Then they will go back to the tactics of the last election – defacing National’s advertising boards.

      • Doug

        Tweeting is for Twits, sounds appropriate for Labour and the

  • GregM

    Russel usually gives me the shits, but it must be said that his reply is a fairly good bitch slap. I await Trevs response.

    • Patrick

      Yep he is a real modern man – absolutely as hard as behind the keyboard, what a warrior. I still cannot forget the “gimmie back my flag” baby crying from Norman. He is a soft cock plain & simple. I bet he had his head flushed down the loo when he was at school.

  • J.M

    Funny stuff. National could still get a 3rd term once the electorate gets an idea of what a possible Labour/Green coalition would look like.
    Russel Norman as finance minister scares the hell out of me.

    • Not likely especially when the media landscape from where most people become informed is an intellectual wasteland dominated by shows like Campbell Live and 7 (not so) Sharp

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Tory Boyz -Stop the overreaction. In a democracy, government buddies like Trevor the Education Minister and Muesli – the deputy PM and Finance Minister are having a light hearted banter. Don’t see anything into this. Start shining the opposition benches because you guys will be sitting there for a long time while Naked Emperor is enjoying the sun shine in Hawaii.

  • sheppy

    The NZ economy may escape being totally ruined!
    Lets just hope this keeps going until the election and beyond.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      The power of office will make them huddle!!! Watch out for how Norman and Trevor become best of buddies in 2014 :-)

      • Patrick

        The pursuit of power will make for the strangest of bedfellows

  • nzd.gbp

    There should be a law that says you cannot work in one of Russell’s monetarily funded govt jobs for more than X number of years in a lifetime because of the burden it places on the value generating sector. It’s ok for a time, kiwis are kind hearted, but let’s understand the full impact of these treadmill jobs, especially when they aren’t even plugged in.
    He’s right to call Trevor on the house price boom and Labour’s wealth effect economics though, but that’s most likely by accident considering his economic idiocy elsewhere.

  • Mr_V4

    Does Trevor Mallard ever make the news for something sane these days?

  • Dion

    Anyone who thinks “radical” is a good thing when it comes to monetary policy shouldn’t be running a tap, let alone a country.

    Thanks MMP.

  • nudgy

    Is Trevor knocking about with a well known journo from the Listener? Seems like he has a new lease of life

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