Two years before rent dodger gets thrown out


Via: The Sun


How long does it take for someone to come and throw you out when you stop paying your rent?

In Brighton, East Sussex, it takes two years.  

A loner lay dead in his city centre flat for two years after no one realised he had passed away, an inquest heard.

The skeletal remains of Simon Allen were only discovered when deep cleaners went to his home.

His body – wearing just a pair of socks – was found lying behind an armchair in the living room of the flat in Brighton, East Sussex, in November.

Eleven days earlier his landlord and bailiffs had gone to the first-floor property to check why his rent had not been paid

It’s a sad situation when nobody misses you.

Police said they believed that Mr Allen had died in December 2010 when he would have been aged around 50.

They were unable to trace any family or friends and found few personal items in the flat, which Mr Allen had rented since 1999.

Paul Hanscomb, 45, who lives in a neighbouring ground floor flat, said: ‘I hadn’t seen him for about two years.

Surely he must have been stinking up the place?

Chris Dunbar, who also lives in a first floor flat, added: ‘It was a shock.

‘I think it’s quite sad really and maybe should have been investigated a bit sooner.’

He said there was a slight musty smell in the hallway before Mr Allen’s body was discovered, but ‘nothing strong’.

Affinity Sutton, the housing association who owned his flat, said he was ‘a model tenant’.

Tracy Evans, head of housing in the south for Affinity Sutton, said: ‘We were deeply saddened to hear of the death of Mr Allen.

‘There was no indication that there were any problems nor that he had any additional support needs and he was a model tenant.

‘Sadly, despite repeatedly trying to contact Mr Allen, the alarm was not raised until significant rent arrears had built up in 2012.’

There are worse ways to go.


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    Has anyone actually seen Penny lately?

    • Mr_V4

      Good question, who knows she might be giving St Peter a lecture on why he let a private contactor operate the pearly gates and won’t let her in.

  • peterwn

    Unfortunately this happens now and again in Wellington, the people in question being very reclusive. My grandmother would look at the house across the road to see if the curtains were drawn each morning and vice versa. If they were not drawn back the one noticing would investigate.

  • Grizz30

    How long does it take for a rates dodger to have their house sold from underneath them.