Under pressure, David Fisher attacks my mental health via Twitter

David Fisher is supposed to be “a decent journalist, trained and skilled” and yet he fails to find any empathy or understanding about mental health issues.

Instead he uses my public honesty and discussions about depression and the battles I have had and continue to have as a weapon against me.


He is meant to be a journalist, at a newspaper of record, and yet he sees fit to attack my mental health as some sort of public way to get at me.

Well I am tougher than that. I pity David Fisher that his life and his newspaper are so shallow that he feels the need to use my health as a point of attack.

It belittles him and belittles his paper.

I would now be very wary as indeed should everyone else who he approaches to do stories that he lacks the necessary empathy to even speak with sufferers of depression and other mental illnesses.

I wrote about those topics so that I amy help others, now David Fisher uses that against me as a weapon. What a shameful, sad and dishonest little man. 

How can anyone struggling to understand depression, especially men, ever get up the courage to discuss the issues if pathetic humans like David Fisher will use that honesty against them.

David Fisher disgusts me. He is even trying to mount a campaign to deny me access to my chosen sport. He professes to know more than my GP, my Psychiatrist, the Forensic Psychiatrist the Police made me go see, my wife and the Police, al;l of whom signed me off for my firearms licence.


I will continue to work with Mike King and Boris assessing and enabling people to overcome mental illness.

I wonder what David Fisher thinks of their work? I wonder what David Fisher thinks of John Kirwan?

We know now with the way he has attacked me using my honesty over my battles with  depression. He thinks it is all a big joke, some laughs.


I wonder what his editor, Shayne Currie thinks about their shameful employee.

David Fisher is as far from “a decent journalist, trained and skilled” that you can get.


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  • Sym Gardiner


  • TeacherUnionsRscum

    Wanker, I think its time for a war

  • In Vino Veritas

    I refer eveyone to Michael Laws tweet that Whale published not so long ago “Still a wanker then eh?” ‘Nuff said.

  • Phar Lap

    Hope Fisher uses deodorant,he sure stinks and lives up to his name,rotten Fish-er.Sadly nothing will remove the stench of such an unprovoked attack on a person who is in the same category as Sir John Kirwan. Wonder does putrid Fish think the same about Kirwan,seems he does,with his gutter comments,about people who are socially responsible,Fisher is making that out to be a criminal act.

  • PlanetOrphan

    Obviously hasn’t read WhaleOil in a while, major improvement from my perspective.
    Well done M8!
    Maybe he only reads the comments ….

  • What a disgrace he is

  • tarkwin

    Way of the world over at the Herald there W.O, he’s a crap journalist who dose not know the difference between parroting and reporting. His only defense is to attack the messenger. He would be far better off taking a long hard look in the mirror.

  • Patrick

    The more you scratch the more you uncover – Fisher is an immature self inflated tosspot.

  • Fisher is a c**t

    Disppointing, but true to form. No need for outrgae, just a little UTU

    • Lion_ess

      Are you from the Herald too? Thirteen words – two of them wrong.

  • unpcnzcougar

    What a despicable man. I admire John Kirwan very much for his honesty over depression as it is so much harder for men to deal with. If it were me I would send a copy of those tweets to Kirwan. For my part I will write to his boss and complain.

    • Rat

      Agree 100%, but Sir John Kirwan would never dare use his depression to justify his human frailties

  • LionKing


  • williamabong

    Well done Cam, you’re now under the dickheads skin and he has to resort to low grade childish insults, perhaps Fisher is the one who needs professional help now.
    Perhaps he’s just upset he can’t felch the fat kraut anymore.

  • Lofty

    David you silly boy you…oh well pass the popcorn

  • jedmo

    Indeed shameful

  • BJ

    Cam don’t put any more energy in to this wanker. Cut off his air – he doesn’t exist

  • orangecounty

    What a tosser. Clearly he’s not living in the real world where empathy is necessary to grow and maintain honest relationships; we *all* have problems That people like DF have no integrity is not surprising, that he works for a major newspaper is.

  • redeye

    Who is David Fisher?

  • Not hard to guess what the front page story of NZ Truth will be next week. Use the tools you have at your disposal to cause this pillock maximum embarrassment Cam; his employer will quickly feel the pain.

    • Lion_ess

      My thoughts exactly, the guy clearly wants to be in the headlines as he fails miserably to report them.

  • MoaningMoa

    What a right little tosser…. It’s people like him that cause so many people to suffer in silence, in fear of being judged for something that is not their fault.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Whats the big deal, you have/had mental health issues. You have/are dealing with it.

    Who is this David Fisher and is he dealing with his mental health issues or his he hiding them.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Found him, just wiping him off the bottom of my shoe.

      • Dumrse

        That’s a bit polite, I’ve just scraped him off the bottom of my arse. My black arse.

  • steve and monique

    He is just a Cock.Keep up the good work Cam.Seems you are getting under the skin of these inept journos.

  • paul

    The good thing about Whale having a bunch of guns is that he might turn one of them on himself in a fit of pique.

    • Lion_ess

      What a headline that would make, accompanied by a photo of the Whangarei “Fire” Engine. Get it? Gun, fire, fire-engine.

    • Yeah top stuff, imploring someone to kill themselves. What a cock.

      • Rat

        but then again Cameron..you posted quite a few posts suggesting that your target should do the same

    • Bafacu

      That is probably one of the most disgusting comments I have ever read. Suggest you get some serious counselling – you have a big problem!

    • The last person who thought that it was a good idea to tell me to kill myself had to emigrate.

      • Rat

        no they didnt

    • Kacanga


    • Mr_Blobby

      Like bad taste as much as the next person, but that is one step over the line.

    • Dumrse

      You are a fucking wanker Paul. Is that what your mother taught you to be ?

    • Rat

      okay..I’m one of Camerons biggest critics, even I believe that is below the belt

  • It reeks of desperation. the slime ball has nothing…. cant find any dirt so goes for a low blow.

    So pitiful….almost looks as though someone hacked his account. who could be that low. i know who. a leftie with their last grasp.

  • Kacanga

    What a wanker of mice, publishing that crap, and then admitting he is laughing at his own “humour”.
    A good example of small things amusing small minds.

  • Whafe

    Cam, give this fuckwitted nasty piece of work some sunlight next Thursday via Truth .. That will flush him out.

    Anyone having a go at you re depression is having a go at me……

    David Fisher – you should well man up and send an apology to Cam….

  • blokeintakapuna

    Wilson & Horton would not be overly impressed that’s for sure.

    Just goes to show that arseholes come in all shapes and sizes and you don’t need to be a Labour MP to qualify.

    Reap… Sow… WO SPANKING!

  • Steve (North Shore)

    I never get back at someone who pisses me off, I just get even. Karma is good for me

  • WayneO

    There are many things you can say about David Fisher. There’s plenty of hyperbole to describe his awfulness but I feel that trivialises what he has done with these tweets.

    Put quite plainly he is a horrible a human being, an offence to every sense.

    I’m disgusted.

  • David Broome

    Depression is real and serious right hroughout society. Nice to know Mr Fisher is obviously a perfect being. Given that is not likely this is under the belt stuff and not very becoming of him or the Herald.

  • Lion_ess

    David Fisher has jumped straight into the gutter after a little sunlight is shined towards The Herald’s all-too-frequent bombs. David Fisher must feel more at home in the gutter, because clearly, if he were a “decent journalist, trained and skilled” he would utilise those skills to defend, combat or even ignore recent posts, highlighting The Herald’s mediocre reporting and content.

    Welcome back to your gutter, David, you must have thought for a moment you were important, decent, trained and skilled. You’re Not.

    Twitter is great, it seems, for those idiots who don’t have the restraint or sense to delay hitting the Send Button on self-damaging public expressions. Were you drunk? Bet you wish you were now.

  • Rat

    Oh come on Cameron..if the shoe was on the other foot…you’d do exactly the same…man up and don’t be so sensitive

    • Uhmmm, not over the issue of depression. The “Valentines” tweet though was especially low. I didn’t publish that…however what he did there is paint a great big target on his personal life…including that of his wife as a result. If you want to get into the pig sty and wrestle with pigs then you are a)going to get dirty and b) the pig will love it.

      I have a special list, that once you get onto that list you don’t get off it. David Fisher made that list last night.

      • Ah yes; the Whaleoil Shit List. That’s something to be avoided at all cost.

        • Tom

          Sitting back and looking at the response. I’m six of one, half doz of the other, some good points either way.. Whatever..

          The Shit List is a baaaaaad place to be.

          To quote Laurence Tureaud: “I pity the fool!!”

      • Rat

        I probably think he has more on you than you have on him…yes, he is an arsehole, …well you are both arseholes…may the best arsehole win

      • Rat

        That list has something to do with your illness, you just reconcile yourself to the fact that when you post nastiness, some people take exception… I dont know about your world Cameron, but in my world if one were to be abusive, one would expect a reaction…why cant you accept that ?

  • Rat

    Life is like Boxing…its not the punches you throw that counts, its the ones that you receive you really have to deal with

    One suggests you aren’t dealing with this one bit at all. And its an issue which is your problem.

    You have been punching Fisher left , right and centre over the past few months…he just jabbed you, and it’s game over, he won

    Fine enough being all Mike Tyson, the baddest man on the planet..it took a weakling to bring him down, and he was fair game after that

    • Lion_ess

      You’re kidding right? What’s happened here, is that sunlight has been shone on Herald Bombs. Not individuals or people and their families, nor their personal lives.

      David Fisher @DFisherJourno has shown how he responds to professional criticism through personal attacks.

      Game Over? I very much doubt it. By the way, did you see that that APN shares have been halted in Australia while they try and stand down the CEO.


      As always, RAT’s in the wrong corner.

      • Rat

        oh dear god..who are you ?

    • You write like a fired sports journalist…bitter much….and an idiot too.

      • Rat

        Have never been a journalist..and thanks for the insult..that is you to a tee.

        Cameron, you just have to accept, that when you throw shit, and in your blog..you throw shit around BIG time, you poke fun at dead children for example. You attack people through their weakness.

        This Fisher guy has done the same to you.

        Everyone to whom you have thrown Shit around to haven’t reacted, you have..you have, and you just cant take it.

        Rather than choosing to ignore it, as most people do, you go all Drama Queen about it.

        Toughen up Princess, it is what you expect everyone else to do, act upon your own Dicta.

        Ummm, okay, you call me idiot, I didn’t insult you to begin with, ummm will throw “unfaithful fattie” at you,

      • Rat

        Oh and another thing….Why didnt you print the tweet that lead to his response ?

        Nasty is what nasty does

  • He’s a fuckwit, Cam

  • fozzie2

    Whale you take no prisoners when it comes to attacking others to make your point, when it suits you – your answer to that is NFWAB, maybe this response it to let you know NFWAJ. From the biblical references you so often quote: ‘Those that live by the sword, die by the sword’ – if you cannot take all that you dish – butt out !

    • Wondered how long it take for you to come along and prove you are a fuckwitted arsehole. I am blogging about this to make a stand for the thousands of people who would have crawled into a little ball after attacks on their mental health by people who gloat bout doing it and laugh at the same time.

      The David Fisher’s of this world think nothing of mocking without even understanding, I am going to make him understand that his behaviour as a journalist of a newspaper of record is unconscionable.

      I am not having a sook, I am simply pointing out that David Fisher resorted to using my personal and public blog posts about depression to have a crack at me. I have never hid my depression, I took a public stand following the lead of Mike King and John Kirwan.

      I know from the personal emails I have received from may people that they ahve thanked me for those posts, for sharing it, so they too could learn and understand. For David Fisher to demean people who suffer the blackdog shows what a sad and pathetic half-man he is.

      The main difference though is this. David Fisher would never have said those things to my face, nor would he have said the “Valentines” tweet to my face. Whereas everything I blog or say I would say to peoples faces.

      Fisher is a coward. If he ever said those things to my face then it is likely he would be inspecting the pavement, very closely.

      • fozzie2

        Whale if you were so concerned about the people you blogged /tweeted
        about, you would I guess, temper what you say.
        You seem to expect that all about you should be mindful of your mental health issues, but equally have no mind for those you choose to attack.
        Physical appearances, sexual preference, ideas or circumstances – even their mental state are all fodder for your blogs and nasty innuendos.
        Just how do you think depression starts for many ? So often from years of continual mocking, putdowns and sheer bullying, so prevalent in the mind of those that blog here. Smart talk, filthfy put downs,singling out people because of how they talk, walk or simply their your world view – I’ve seen it all here, not to add the chorus people, who like you egg on this sort of behaviour – your so called ‘army’

        I guess what I find disturbing is that you frequently attack people whom have never engaged with you, nor frequented your blog. Ever wondered how your unsolicited attacks have affected them ?

        I give you plenty of credit for not hiding your depression, but you are
        not in the league to compare yourself with JK and MK – they have NEVER used their depression as a shield to attack others, nor would they condone it !
        You are the David Fisher of your universe. You take no prisoners. You mock. You do not engage directly with the person you target– his response may have not been sensitive , but then sensitive is not what you do. You and your so called moderators threaten thoughtful bloggers with exposure and derision – bullies all !

        • You might have noticed that I am a blogger…which means I generally, with a few exceptions write about people who are in the news, one the news or making the news…there is some public detail available.

          Some engage…some do not. Stuart Nash is a case in point…yes I engaged with him, he engaged back, and then we finally caught up with each other and shared a few beers…and laughed.

          Fisher was taunting and using personal circumstances to score petty personal points because his paper is such a clusterfuck and his reportage over Kim Dotcom has been called out for what it was…a sell out by the Herald and him. Those were attacks on his professional “ethics” such as they are…not personal attacks…

          I post about depression to help people, not so it can be used as a weapon against me…but then again it has backfired on Fisher, he just looks like a petty cunt…which he is. I do not use my depression as a shield and never have. That is an insult to even suggest I have.

          In fact i have given interviews when people say that I have said some awful things on my blog…they suggest it was the depression and I tell them no, that was me…depression is an excuse…it is the reason i do not delete posts, because people need to own what they do and say.

          Some say I mean and nasty…in some case I am…however in most cases I am simply pointing out the obvious and saying it.

          I am not a polite person, in fact many friends have told me that I am the rudest person they know…this though does not make me mean, it simply means I am rude….and blunt…and the offence is with them.

          If you don;t like that fuck off…it is a free world, it is a truly open market…and the market is speaking…again if you don’t like that then change the channel…I won;t miss you, I have outlasted most people who have tried to have a crack at me…and will outlast Fisher.

          • fozzie2

            Mmmm I think it was you that explained just recently that ‘explaining is loosing’ .. and my granny gave me a great piece of advice – to mind my language …

      • Rat

        “The David Fisher’s of this world think nothing of mocking without even understanding” you are absolutely 100% correct, so why don’t you learn from that ?

      • Rat

        What about the people who have “crawled into a little ball” after your attacks ?, you have absolutely no idea of your actions, nor the impact, as spanish bride said on the tv3 interview , nor do you care about about them…Why should you be any different ?…btw fozzie never insulted you..it seems one cant argue with you in a rational manner without you being all abusive on them…man up

    • Rat

      I concur 100%, he loves to throw it, goes all panty waisted gay crybaby when its thrown back.

      A bit like the School yard bully, the littilest person pops him one on the nose and he goes crying, running to mummy

  • Ihttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYa1eI1hpDE&feature=share&list=AL94UKMTqg-9Ds071vp-9iWci4ryhkG4Us

  • Guest

  • J.M

    Pretty low, but one suspects if the boot were on the other foot………

    • Fisher’s missus is fugly, but I haven’t gone there. He crossed the line…especially as he treated it as a big joke…joking about mental health is serious, it has killed people…

      • Rat

        But you have gone there…why the hell cant you moderate yourself ?

        All you have done in this post is exposed your achilles heal…every person who ‘cares’ about what you post about them will hit you with your depression, then maybe escalate it. Its what you do…dont go all gay because they did it back to you……man up

  • GregM

    Go after the bastard Cam.
    I bet when he was a little kid in the sandpit he would be the type to throw sand in the girls faces. He is a fucking coward.

  • Rat

    and this has also been left out.

    Sincere apologies to Mr and Mrs @whaleoilfor unfair and unkind jibes. It was cruel and I’m sorry. No more Twitter fighting.

    You have never apologised for anything…excepting David Carter