Under pressure, David Fisher attacks my mental health via Twitter

David Fisher is supposed to be “a decent journalist, trained and skilled” and yet he fails to find any empathy or understanding about mental health issues.

Instead he uses my public honesty and discussions about depression and the battles I have had and continue to have as a weapon against me.


He is meant to be a journalist, at a newspaper of record, and yet he sees fit to attack my mental health as some sort of public way to get at me.

Well I am tougher than that. I pity David Fisher that his life and his newspaper are so shallow that he feels the need to use my health as a point of attack.

It belittles him and belittles his paper.

I would now be very wary as indeed should everyone else who he approaches to do stories that he lacks the?necessary?empathy?to even speak with?sufferers?of depression and other mental illnesses.

I wrote about those topics so that I amy help others, now David Fisher uses that against me as a weapon. What a shameful, sad and dishonest little man.?

How can anyone struggling to understand depression, especially men, ever get up the courage to discuss the issues if pathetic humans like David Fisher will use that honesty against them.

David Fisher disgusts me. He is even trying to mount a campaign to deny me access to my chosen sport. He professes to know more than my GP, my Psychiatrist, the Forensic Psychiatrist the Police made me go see, my wife and the Police, al;l of whom signed me off for my firearms?licence.


I will continue to work with Mike King and Boris?assessing?and enabling people to overcome mental illness.

I wonder what David Fisher thinks of their work? I wonder what David Fisher thinks of John Kirwan?

We know now with the way he has attacked me using my honesty over my battles with ?depression. He thinks it is all a big joke, some laughs.


I wonder what his editor, Shayne Currie thinks about their shameful employee.

David Fisher is as far from “a decent journalist, trained and skilled” that you can get.