Vodafone’s Ruben Wiki tackles naked man – above and beyond streaker take-down


Vodafone Warriors Facebook page reports:

Ruben Wiki tackles a the half time streaker. A good thing Ruben was wearing gloves. Still got it!

Don’t know about you, but those aren’t the same kind of facials I remember from my rugby days.


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  • Gazzaw

    The streaker was lucky that it was Ruben Wiki and not John Hopoati.

  • Mitch82

    Yeah.. perhaps a little over eager there Ruben.

  • Dave

    A serious question needs to be asked. There happened to be a impromptu streaker. And there was Ruben Wiki, waiting and ready WITH rubber gloves ???? Like, they wear rubber gloves all the time????

    Perhaps he has been around JH too much (as Gazzaw points out)

  • Do you remember years ago when there was a cricket match on, I think in NZ or Australia, a batsman caught a streaker and gave him a spanking with his bat. Held on to him with one arm and spanked him with the other, the crowd cracked up…