Waitangi Day History Lesson

We can all do with a little refresher course today.



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  • How terribly cliché that white people came to New Zealand and signed a treaty to protect the local maori from the French… and then so many of the maori descendants have ended up living BACK in jolly ol’ Mother England.

    when i was living in Aussie an old Vietnamese man said to me “are you number one kiwi or number two kiwi”…. without hesitation i said “i am definitely a number one kiwi” to which he replied “really? if you were number one kiwi you’d be living there”.

    I decided in that moment that i was moving home to New Zealand. funny though. I kinda still feel like a number two kiwi…..

  • DoctorEvo

    Too bad that he’s so badly informed… The overnight translation into Maori was a near-perfect job (with logical word substitutions eg. Hobson was described as a Chief as there was no Maori word for Officer). The contention arose from a “false” English version of the Treaty wheeled out one day in the Waikato to be signed by chiefs because ti Tiriti had been late arriving.

    • dotcom

      In any case, what the London warrior clearly isn’t even aware of (because of his indoctrination over his entire life so far) is that the Treaty was only in one language – Maori. And the treaty was read out in Maori to each of the 540 before each signed it – it took about 2 months to travel the country gathering the chiefly signatures. Again, no-one held guns to any of the 540 chiefly, intelligent and majestic heads.
      How come I have a thousand times more respect for these chiefs and their mana, than their own Maori descendants have for them?
      Another thing is that the signing of the Treaty was set down for 7 February, not 6 February, to give the chiefs time to consider it – they’d had it since the 5th – and it was the Maori chiefs who brought the signing forward to the 6th, because they had seen what they wanted to see, and couldn’t wait to sign it.
      So stick that up your jumper, Mr London warrior.

  • Lily

    Loved it! Best summation ever.

  • dotcom

    Who does this ignorant young turk think he is. Where do young people get off implying that 540 Maori (what-were-they-again?) CHIEFS were bone ignorant.

    Those chiefs were far from ignorant. They knew a damned good deal when they saw it. Having the Maori request to be accepted into the strongest collaboration of nations on this here Earth, and being brought under the protection of the then most powerful nation on Earth, was by far the best thing possible that could have happened to Maori.

    Who does this young fuck think he is, questioning his ancestors’ collective intelligence like this. Perhaps this dickbrain should look at why the 540 chiefs thought it was such a good idea. Perhaps dickbrain should remember that for a hundred years, Maori regarded what they had done to have been the best thing since sliced rohi.

    But then in about the 1970s saw what Black Power was doing in America, and decided to have some of it. So some brown modern day warrior/thief/fucktard realised that agreeing with the treaty, was not causing as much money to come their way, as rebelling against the treaty could produce. And so the treaty grievance industry was born.

    And all treaty history began its process of being re-written. We burned the books, and of course London warrior above, actually thinks he is being accurate with history. Poor cheated bastard, robbed of his real history and real dignity. Robbed of being allowed to have respect for his ancestral chiefs, and going round the world telling the world how stupid his own ancestors were, without realising the confession of his own inherited bone ignorance that this connotes.

    End the Maorification of Everything in New Zealand.

    • Good to have you back.

      • dotcom

        Your recent remarks have not been wasted on me. I’m aware that that there was room for improvement in my earlier barnstorming style. You will see a change for the better. So thank you, Petal.