WhaleTech: Microsoft stuffed up its mobile strategy – Bill Gates

In an interview with CBS This Morning, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates has admitted that the software giant didn’t nail the mobile market when it had the opportunity. “There’s a lot of things like cellphones where we didn’t get out in the lead early,” says Gates. “We didn’t miss cellphones, but the way that we went about it didn’t allow us to get the leadership.” Gates says this strategy was “clearly a mistake.”

Some refreshing honesty there.  

With the recent departure of Windows chief Steven Sinofsky, and an apparent focus on merging the Windows and Windows Phone efforts, it’s clear that there’s an effort at the top of Microsoft to ensure divisions work on a common goal to surface the innovation that the company requires. Gates doesn’t hint at any future plans in the interview, but his frustrations show that he’s still very much involved in the company he helped start all the way back in 1975.

Microsoft has never succeeded in down-scaling its Windows product.  The bloated, hardware-hungry Operating System has held back Microsoft’s efforts to dominate mobile and tablet markets.  I reported on the laughable specs of Surface Pro a while ago, with only 24GB free for users to utilise on the “64G” model, and this is a perfect example of how Windows doesn’t scale down well.

The news they are now trying to merge both Windows and Mobile divisions with a view to generate a spark that produces innovation really doesn’t sound right.  I would sell Microsoft stock.  If I had any.


Source:  The Verge


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  • Orange

    So basically, people are using technology for facebook not saving lives and Gates wants to change that. Imagine a news thread of the future, “50 years ago today was the last recorded case of Polio. The Gates Foundation is now working on…”

    • Mitch82

      “…patching the latest security exploit in it’s flagship Windows 62 Spacecraft Edition”.

      • Orange

        Except they don’t make Windows, that’s Microsoft.

  • Peterkar

    When are you going to learn, you sub-literate oaf, that the possessive of “it” doesn’t have an apostrophe……. you should be a little more charitable about the “Herald” until you have upgraded your own standard of English

    • Orange

      There should only be one period at the end of a sentence!

    • They let anyone do blogs these days!

    • Mitch82

      A question ends with a question mark, not seven periods. A new sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a period. “Herald” requires apostrophes, not speech marks. And it’s ‘The Herald’.

      • Peterkar

        Oh dear. oh dear…. I seem to have unleashed pedants everywhere. Read Fowler on the “indirect question”. Note that quotation marks are correct around “The Herald”, although, of course, it should really be “The New Zealand Herald”….. Multiple periods are merely a stylistic device.

        • Mitch82

          Stop resting your elbow on the period key, you’ll get wanker’s cramp.

    • Dion

      So which section of the Herald do you sub-edit, Peter?

      • Morrissey

        Nobody sub-edits the Herald. Have you LOOKED at it lately?

  • Michael

    Merging divisons makes perfect sense. The costs associated with managing to OS lines is huge, even for MS.

    The desktop and mobile platforms will share an extraordinary amount of code, with only small amounts needing to be target CPU specific. The specific code being around the kernel (core of the OS) and the main libraries, but good coders can hide that from the UI guys etc. By merging the groups, they can streamline their delivery.

    Since this a lot in the dev shops I have worked out and even non-dev shops, just standard IT shops. Stops fragmentation etc.

    I am not a MS fan, I am a Apple fan boi who enjoys his over priced walled garden just fine, but think MS is slowly waking in the face of massive inefficiencies an stiff competition (driod/IOs/Linux in general).

  • 4077th

    Have a new Samsung Galaxy Tablet..just so you know WO the above vid is not available using Andriod 4.04 on my tablet…maybe a Disqus issue!

  • GregM

    Microsoft still don’t get it. Case in point, they would like me to pay money to upgrade from 7 to 8, which is still as bloated and is less functional.
    I am using open suse on my work computers and it is the ducks nuts.