WhaleTech: Microsoft Surface – A day late and a dollar short

Enjoying your iPad are you?  Or you are one of those Android tablet warriors?

Is anyone actually hanging out for Microsoft’s take on the tablet computer?

via: businessinsider.com

via: businessinsider.com

To industry insiders, the arrival of Surface, Microsoft’s attempt to join the tablet market, was met by a blank stare.  Sure, there is always a need for some people to take their PC software and have it in a tablet form factor, but is Microsoft onto a winner here?  

It appears not.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet, due for release on February 9th, will not have the available space that buyers might have believed. A company spokesperson has confirmed that the 64GB edition will have a mere 23GB available space. The 128GB model will have 83GB of space. The 41GB difference will be taken up with Windows 8, built-in apps, and a recovery partition.

Microsoft has told potential customers that if they want to free up more space they will need to “create a backup bootable USB and delete the partition.” While this might be possible, we would hazard a guess that the average user wouldn’t know where to begin with doing this, and would probably opt not to in favour of not risking breaking anything.

Of course, there is a big difference between a tablet and a laptop without a keyboard.  iOS and Android were designed to operate within frugal hardware specifications, whereas Microsoft are still trying to shoehorn their desktop operating system into a tablet.   It appears they have learned very little from their Windows CE days.

There is a market for it, of course.  But don’t expect the Surface to be lying around on couches across the nation.



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  • Patrick

    Have played with the RT version – would find it very difficult to part with over $800 to buy one of these.

  • Alloytoo

    The problem is, that “Metro” (or whatever the hell they call it) is not a natural successor to the Windows 95 family of OS’s. In respect of User interfaces that spot has been hijacked by Android.
    People take to Android because it behaves the way they expect it (indeed, have come to expect it because of Windows)
    Windows 8 does not.

    • Timboh

      Apple have sold 100 million ipads in 3 years so I guess Android is still planning the hijack. ;-)

      • Red

        Android outsells ios by miles now…. what’s your point? or have you been away for a couple of years. I’m loving watching Apple slowly slither into the also ran B finals

        • Timboh

          Outsells by miles. Very scientific . I guess you prove that you don’t have t have a long neck to be a goose.

      • Alloytoo

        Would have thought that obvious.

        • Timboh

          Very asstute of you. I mistakenly thought the comment by Alloytoo I replied to above said “In respect of User interfaces that spot has been hijacked by Android’ . I thought that using the past tense meant the deal was done. Would have thought that obvious but if my reply to your comment made you tense then get over it. cheers

  • Graeme A

    On a Windows 8 note, I personally found the new start page/metro theme annoying. If you want your start menu back and want to stop the metro start page from loading then I highly recommend Classic Shell. You have a choice of XP, Vista or Windows 7 start menus after the software is installed and the computer will now boot straight to the desktop instead of the Windows 8 start page. Fantastic! To revert to WIn 8 defaults simply uninstall Classic Shell. http://www.classicshell.net/

    • Alloytoo

      I agree with you on the metro theme, it’s fugly.

    • Orange

      Loving classicshell and the super stability of Win8 and memory limit.

  • or you could simply use the micro sd card slot to add more memory for a few dollars, (its not an Apple or Samsung device)

  • boristhefrog

    I don’t think this is a suitable topic for WOBH…. there are plenty of fanboi sites (Business Insider for example) where the trolls can frolic…. please focus on taking down pinkos and the green taliban and leave this sort of trash talk to those pin heads who really think this shite matters…

  • 4077th

    Gates can keep his rubbish OS. After having all things windows rule my professional and personal life I am glad to be rid of them. If you have any sense at all you would avoid Microsoft.