WhaleTech: Parallels between Copyright control and Gun control in the 21st century

via defcad.org

via defcad.org

If you’re a Trekkie, you will be aware of the replicator.  A fantastic machine that essentially makes an exact copy of an object.  Better still, it has a huge database of what it has copied before, so it can create a perfect copy for you at the press of a button.

We may only be in the first stages of that particular future, but enter 3D printing – the ability to create objects from stored file of instructions.  No longer do you need expertise.  You only need a 3D printer and the raw “printing” materials, combine it with a library of things to print, like guns, and you’re away.    

So how are governments going to stop people from 3D printing, well, anything?

The Liberty Cryer reports

DEFCAD is website for the 3D printing of guns born by fire and bathed in controversy. But that’s not preventing it from growing.

Since launching in December, DEFCAD has become home to nearly 90 components, including bullet casingspistol suppressors, and even grenade models.

More significant, however, are the traffic numbers. Visitors to DEFCAD have to date downloaded over 250,000 files from the site.

Via: venturebeat.com

Via: venturebeat.com

Venturebeat expands

“Obviously, there’s an interest in what we’re doing. Enthusiasts want these files,” Wilson said.

Interest in 3D printed guns isn’t limited to the United States. Wilson said he often gets emails from foreign gun enthusiasts, telling him how much they appreciate what Defense Distributed is trying to do.

“I think a lot of people understand the idea that we’re a bastion of freedom and that we have something in common with information anarchists like Aaron Swartz and WikiLeaks. The bits must be free,” Wilson said.

Via: venturebeat.com

Via: venturebeat.com


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  • Mr_Blobby

    Let me think.

    Maybe keep the price artificially high

    They will try demonizing them

    Then they will try to ban them.

    Then make it illegal to be in possession of one

    All of this will be to keep the public safe of course.

    Getting back to reality I can see the day when 007 has one in his car, and I can’t wait to see what the more creative in society come up with. How about a one shot throw away pencil gun.

    • Mitch82

      The first group of people running out and getting them will be engineers and inventors. This is one of those technologies that will act as a slingshot for further development.

      You won’t buy a new CPU or graphics card in the future. You’ll just download and print it.

  • Mitch82

    So far the guy working on the printable AR-15 upper has only got it to fire around 8 rounds, if I remember correctly, but that’s a pretty huge feat nonetheless. They’re also working on using 3D printers to replicate body parts, working on an ear at the moment.

    Can’t wait till this stuff is on special at Harvey Normans.

  • Spiker

    A local manufacturer is making suppressors out of sintered titanium powder.