Whaletech: The Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920

This is a review provided by the wife of a long term reader of the blog.

Before I begin this I should point out that we are an iPhone family.

Admittedly my two previous phones from the Apple family have been hand me downs from my partner but I have been amazed at how these phones work, the features and apps available have made life easier and I have found myself able to do most of my online work and leisure through the handset rather than having to switch on the computer.

So it was with some scepticism I received the news that I was to be given a new phone to trial and it was not an Apple. Big boots to fill you could say.

My requirements beyond the usual making and receiving phone calls and texting the kids have grown to fit the modern smartphone world with email, taking photos, Facebook and browsing the web becoming an increasing part of my usage.

The first thing that struck me upon opening the box was the wireless charging. Quite how it works is a complete mystery but surely all rechargeable items will be using a similar method soon. You just lay the phone on the charging pad and hey presto! No more knotted wires, no more trying to plug it in. Just put the phone on the pad and away it goes. 

We have always been a Windows family with our computing so the operating system immediately made sense and copying our contacts and other must have data was a breeze. No need to muck around with a clunky programme like itunes and after a bit of fiddling around we managed to transfer my music as well.

The arrival of this new piece of equipment coincided with the birth of our first grandchild and as I am sure you would agree grandparents are a menace with a camera.

One of the most irritating things about other smartphones we have used has been the lag between pushing the button and the picture being taken. This phone cuts the lag out completely. Asking people to hold the pose is a thing of the past. Click. Done. Perfect, clear, instant photos that load to Facebook in a flash.

Transferring photos, printing photos and sharing photos is much simpler and the images seem to have more depth and clarity than the 1000 dollar camera we bought last year. If this phone was just a camera it would be worth every penny. .

Next week. Invoicing for our business, the screen and organising the kids.

Telecom New Zealand

This post has been enabled by Telecom NZ, but the thoughts are my own. Find out more about the Nokia Lumia 920


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  • Bunswalla

    What does this mean: “This post has been enabled by Telecom NZ, but the thoughts are my own.” ?

    Not sure what the word enabled involves – is it a paid review?

    • Fair comment. Is this really just an advert? Who was compensated by the enabling Cam or the reviewer (or both?)

      • Ronnie Chow

        Oh shit , we’re going down that road . Tomorrow , hair loss product . Next week , bigger penises .

        Lucky for Cameroon , it turned into a debate about Telecom , not Spam .

    • I don’t have a phone or even a sim card…Telecom asked me for a name of someone and they sent them a phone to test…simple really.

  • blazer

    most glowing review I have read.Most aren’t impressed at all.

    • 4077th

      Yes Blazer, so of all the fabulous functions this ground breaking new “smartphone” has the camera and charging is all that is mentioned…wow what an awesome piece of kit this must be!

  • Ronnie Chow

    After working for Telecom , being lied to over internet pricing and speed , ripped off over business versus residential pricing , I swore never again to have anything to do with them . Then they got hold of Yahoo . Bastards.

    • 4077th

      Here Here!

  • 4077th

    I for one have proudly managed to de couple myself from Telecom after years of being taken advantage of as a captive consumer. I am also happy to not have to be ruled microsoft operating systems though it has to be said I have made a significant living from MS floors in the past. Nobody “wants” a windows smart phone. Everyone wants either an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy…Period! Both Nokia and Microsoft along with RIM have missed the boat. I wouldn’t pay a cent for this phone even if it was free I would give it away as selling it would be impossible!

    • Bunswalla

      Not sure what you’re getting at. Please be clearer!

      • 4077th

        Haha…yes. Perhaps I should have used the same subtlety as Ronnie!

    • Never in the dark…..

      Glad to see your spellchecker works in those other systems you refer to. I assume you mean “…from MS flaws…”, or are you and office cleaner. ;)

      • 4077th

        Some people just don’t get my humor!

        • Never in the dark…..

          Ditto! :p ☺

          • 4077th


          • Never in the dark…..

            Stop it, I’m married.

    • Well as a Nokia Windows phone user who has had Android and BlackBerry units before I can say that Windows Phone impresses me as a business e-mail user.

      That being said I have never used a Jesus phone as I refuse to give Apple a cent of my money.

      Of the available platforms, for business use, I would rate Windows Phone as #1 with Apple #2 and Android #3.

      The fractured nature of the Android market is worrying to me as an IT professional as standardisation is a major concern and supporting iPhones in a corporate environment is a PITA with iTunes required for full functionality.

      Just my $0.10 (Inflation you know)

      • Used to be Blackberry was in that list…I used to be a Blackberry user, but won’t ever be again.

        • 4077th

          Likewise, email very good but that was about it..FB was also not bad for posting pics but after the last phone (torch) I would never trust the hardware again..it let me down too many times while over seas.

    • I have an iPhone with Vodafone, and frankly I am over the drop outs, the call quality, the performance issues and of course Vodafone’s poor service…they are all pretty much the same as far as I am concerned….but Vodafone takes me for granted, and I have a loud voice, more fool them thinking it won’t hurt

  • Auto_Immune

    As a happy Windows Phone 7 user, the 920 is my number one pick for the inevitable upgrade. What bugs me is that Telecom is the only official carrier in NZ that sells it, unless I decide to go for a foreign, unlocked handset from a parallel importer.

    • 4077th


      • Auto_Immune

        *nods head* How are you? I am fine.

        On topic: My partner has an iPhone and I own an Android tablet. Both are perfectly fine operating systems, but having gotten to use both (as well as my friend’s smartphones) I do think Windows Phone 7/8 is a really great alternative. To each their own of course.

        • 4077th

          No problems with that AI. I have had 30 years of Microsoft and wouldn’t give them another dime of my money and the same goes for Telecom (sorry Petal).

  • (This won’t win me any friends, but here goes)

    I’ve been a Telecom customer, one way or another, for over 25 years. During this time, I’ve dealt with the company as a consumer, as a business, and even as a key account (this gives you access to some very impressive response times and services).

    In my profession over the years, I’ve also worked with my customers who were using other Telcos, and part of my job was to ensure their problems would go away. In dealing with other Telcos on my customers’ behalf, it’s become very clear to me that Telecom is the best choice for long term stability and performance.

    This is my perspective on Telecom, based on 25+ years of dealing with them at many levels of the company, and spending anywhere between $10k and $350k a year with them:

    1) Telecom isn’t evil. This is a ridiculous anthropomorphication that seems to go hand in hand with the tall poppy syndrome and corporate bashing.

    2) Just about any individual I have dealt with over the years has been professional, pleasant and capable. The number of genuine $&*( ups over the decades can be counted on one hand, and they were immediately responded to and fixed promptly.

    3) Mobile performance varies depending on where you live. So if someone says Voda is the best, it may be true for them. But that doesn’t mean this is true nationwide. Same goes for Broadband. Performance is to a large extent dictated by where you live, and sometimes that can even be two streets apart.

    4) Telecom are rarely on the bleeding edge, their packages are rarely the sharpest, they are rarely the cheapest, they are rarely the fastest. But any other company that can claim those ‘awards’ come and go from those top positions depending on marketing campaigns and recent investment in infrastructure. The competitors can never sustain their claim for very long. In the mean time, Telecom just keeps on keeping on.

    When people ask me “why Telecom”, I tell them that they consistently come 2nd in any race. It’s dull reliability that I’m after. Not the headline screaming “X now 5% faster/cheaper/better than Y”.

    Most of all, I want to re-iterate that almost everyone I have ever dealt with at Telecom, or their contractors, have been good people doing the best job possible.

    • Agent BallSack

      Have to disagree Petal. This Yahoo Mail issue is a serious cluster fuck up. The consumers/end users never got a say on whether we wanted to use Yahoo, Telecom are in all likelihood PAID by Yahoo to pipe ads onto our screens. I use a client (Outlook) for all my inbound mail however to empty spam and check for mail that has been mistakenly marked as spam I have to log into Yahoo Mail. With that comes News, Ads and all manner of crap I dont want, never asked for and seriously lowers computer safety.

      • Agent BallSack

        Add that to the fact I am PAYING Telecom to not deliver my mail safely and essentially hand my address book to spammers and you are looking at one highly dis-satisfied customer.

      • You are allowed to disagree. But allow me to retort ;). One, anyone who uses Xtra/Yahoo mail is a victim of their own inability to read the tea leaves. Xtra’s email has been crap from day one, even more so since they sold the service to Yahoo. Even Telecom offer a **paid for** business strength email service. Xtra/Yahoo email is rubbish, and Gmail is free and great. Two, if you judge all of Telecom by Xtra/Yahoo email, then you’re looking at a very narrow part of what they do as a business. A company that size can’t get everything right all the time.

        • Agent BallSack

          I concede those points. However we do pay for Xtra mail, and we are talking about a company that services circa 50% of daily data traffic between businesses, in this case they are only as strong as their weakest link. And yes – never had a problem with Gmail and that’s free.

          • Michael

            The issue with Xtra’s email is that Telecom released control of the service to a company who drops more spam in a day that all the legit email Xtra has to offer. Also, Yahoo think NZ is part of Australia.

            Whilst Xtra has been an iffy offering since day one, the day they handed control of their brand to a company in the US who couldn’t care less, was a bad bad one.

    • Never in the dark…..

      In much of what you say I need to concur. As a tech support person in the IT sector I find that they’re the only entity that in the corporate arena, who will own a problem and deal with it promptly and efficiently. The others baulk unless they’re dealing with a dedicated intermediary agent.

      That said, in the residential area my major beef is they have most other telcos (and by consequence, their client base) over a barrel in terms of service delivery. They’ve been in an invidious position whereby they were gifted the copper when they were sold off from the Post Office (anyone remember who sold off that asset?), and have been the playground bully on that front, whether it be as Telecom, Downer or Chorus. Change is forthcoming, but not soon enough.

  • Never in the dark…..

    I see HTC and more recently Huawei have also jumped onto the Windows 8 bandwagon. With the latter being offered by 2degrees for a meagre $299.

    Personally I’m thus far quite impressed with the seamless interface that has been presented by Microsoft with Windows 8: PC/laptop > Tablet > Phone. So far they’re the only folk who have achieved it.

  • StupidDiscus

    This is really important because Windows phones are for conservatives whereas Apple phones are for liberal scum like PPTA members.


    And yes, the unbiased tech reviews say the Nokia Lumias are the best WinPho’s on the market and significantly better than the liberal Apple iPhones.

    • Agent BallSack

      You just gave me another reason to never, ever buy an iPhone. Unless they combine it with a Glock…Parent Teacher meetings here we come.