WhaleTech: Travel Overseas Yet Never Leave Your Home Again


Google added over 100,000 new tours to the “tour guide” feature of Google Earth, which steers you through popular destinations while offering suggestions for other nearby places to visit. These sites are spread across more than 200 countries.  

No extra download are necessary to get started with tours; you just need to be running the current version of Google Earth (7.0) for desktop, Android, or iOS.

tour guide lets you explore interesting locales via 3D flyover and also provides background info from Wikipedia as you’re swiping through. And for the first time, Google has amassed and integrated more than one million user-generated Panoramio photos with Earth so you can view your entire surroundings at many of these tour stops

Once fully extended to cover most of the world’s tourist destinations, it will be a pure joy to pre-plan you holiday and all the sight seeing and side trips.

via: The Verge, TheNextWeb


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  • cows4me

    Yeah scenery and attractions are neat but it’s the people that make travel exciting.

    • That seems to contradict your reports on your trip to South Auckland ;)

      • cows4me

        No Petal the people of South Auckland are very exciting ;)

    • Whafe

      Agree totally, being in the primary industry I have been fortunate to give advice all over the world, and traveling and getting out into the country farming areas all over the globe is awesome, meet the real people so to speak…

      Am not saying at all that there are not great people in cities, but love the small towns out in the whops in countries….

      • cows4me

        Yeah I’m with you Whafe, a city is all right for a visit now and then but give me small towns and country side. Townies usually seem to concerned with every day living but people in the country usually seek out new contacts. I guess when you live in a city it’s all people, sometimes I could go for a week and other then family members would be lucky to see about 10 other people.