What a way to start, from tweets to paper there are bombs all round

Bryce Johns, the guy who only employs “decent journalists, trained and skilled” has been spruiking his new look paper hard out this week, including last night:

Hmmm…perhaps a Twitter auto correct?

Then there his promotion of Bevan Hurley as the lead story writer:

Hmmm..I wonder who wrote it for him between band practice…and here was me thinking that Carolyne Meng-yee was going to make a comeback…seems she couldn’t produce a ripper for the front page. 

And so we get into the sport sections where their “decent journalists, trained and skilled” have made a complete hash of a story.


Another Herald Bomb, from “decent journalists, trained and skilled”

Next thing I will be getting an email from Bryce telling me that he has obtained Dean Lonergan‘s birth certificate  and what do you know after all these years everyone has got his name wrong and that it is, you know, just like they James Phelps, a decent journalist, trained and skilled, has spelled it.

There’s more, but this is just a taster…welcome to your new, improved better looking Herald on Sunday.

Looks like they rolled the turd in glitter.


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  • Cowboy would be having a laugh at the hack’s stupidity…

  • toby_toby

    I see on their website today that they eavesdropped on Lotto Trevor’s wedding from a helicopter and published photos. Pretty lame. There’s no public interest in this guy’s wedding. Let the guy enjoy his special in privacy without a bloody chopper buzzing around!