What next? Medals for attending a Pride Festival?

Andrew Sullivan has an interesting titbit of information about drones:

At the beginning of last year, the armed forces had 7,500 drone aircraft, meaning that one out of every three flying machines in the military was a drone (though the majority are the small, hand-launched kind). The Pentagon is considering scaling back on procurement, on the theory that it has about enough drones for the near future. But that doesn’t mean they’re becoming less important; quite the contrary. The military has even created a medal you can win for piloting a drone; it will rank above the Bronze Star, despite the fact that you can earn it without any risk to life or limb. 

What next? Medals for attending a Pride Festival? Surely that is tougher than flying drones…there are still plenty of bigots out there wanting to beat the shit out of poofters.


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  • ConwayCaptain

    Look at any US serviceman andf they have far more medals than anyone else. They get a medal for this and that without ever seeing service in a war zone. The UK/NZ/Aus service people have to serve in hot spots to get theirs bar Long Service medals

  • BR

    Just because someone does not agree with the normalization of perverse behaviour, does not mean that they want to “beat the shit out of poofters”. I don’t know that there is anyone around here who has called for that to happen.


    • Hazards001

      Exactly, I don’t hate gay people…but I can’t stand cunts that think that being gay makes them special. Come to that or being Maori or ambidextrous or Muslim or Church of Scientology or Left Handed or Far Sighted or….you get the idea.