What will National do to get more women MPs?

Pommy Bastard and Prime Minister David Cameron reckons he doesn’t have enough front bums in cabinet, or in parliament.

David Cameron has admitted he has not appointed enough women to his Cabinet and revealed his wife urges him to promote female talent.

The Prime Minister said governments and big companies alike must do much more to encourage and promote women.

Organisations that do not fill half their senior posts with women are missing out on “more than 50 per cent of the talent”, he said.

Maybe, maybe not. Maybe his women MPs weren’t up to scratch, or maybe the conservative party have been dead set useless at bringing good women into parliament. 

Organisations like the Conservative Party should be making more active efforts to seek more female recruits and then promote them, he said.

“It isn’t enough to open up and say you will treat everyone equally. You have to actively go out and encourage women to get involved.” There are 47 female Conservative MPs, from a total of 302. Mr Cameron said that was “not nearly enough”.

I have long held that National has a woman problem. The Party is responsible for bringing more women into parliament and actually ended up with fewer women MPs in 2011 than it had in 2008. Peter Goodfellow might make pretty speeches about the need for more women but typical of his rudderless time as President, he has done bugger all about it.

During the last two selection seasons female candidates were told they should have babies first, or stay at home with their kids. Some of those running a campaign against a woman candidate on the grounds she was a mother were part of the buggers muddle, many holding very senior positions in the party.

If National was serious about more women MPs it would be positioning good women for safe blue seats. There are currently no women in caucus before 2002, and only Collins, Upston, Adams & Dean who have safe seats. National are doing nothing at all to get women in to safe blue seats anywhere in the country.

I don’t support affirmative action, but I do dislike hypocrisy, and the National Party has been extremely hypocritical talking about more women MPs without doing anything about it. Peter Goodfellow having the vapours about not enough women achieves very little except making him look more ineffective that he already appears. He needs to either take action or stop talking about women candidates.

Then again having Peter Goodfellow advocate on behalf of women is just a little bit rich really.


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  • James M


  • having Peter Goodfellow advocate on behalf of women is just a little bit rich really

    It may be too late for 2014, but it’s probably time for Peter Goodfellow to beat the bushes and see what he can do before his tenure comes to an end. Otherwise the whole thing will end up like a dogs breakfast for sure.

  • Andrei

    How about instead of playing silly lefty identity politics games National start looking for people who will represent the interests of all New Zealand citizens, stop getting into the social engineering business and start getting GOVERNMENT out of peoples businesses and daily lives.

    Never happen, National is now just another lefty party

    • To capture the middle ground in the country, that’s sadly necessary. Helen’s social engineering will reverberate through this country for generations to come.

      • Andrei

        What a load of crap – why just today we hear that the Government is going to introduce nanny state legislation to define the color, printing and words, including what fucking font they are written in and what color on cigarette packets.

        You cannot blame this on Helen Clark – this is John Key’s Government in its second fucking term.

        You need to man up a realize that the current Government is a SOCIALIST NANNY STATE one and just carrying on from where Helen Clark left off

      • StupidDiscus

        To capture the middle ground in the country, that’s sadly necessary. Helen’s social engineering will reverberate through this country for generations to come.

        You confuse what is necessary to get “elected” in NZ”s anti-democratic electoral “system” – and what it is necessary to do to govern.

        Once they were in – Roger & Ruth & Maggie didn’t give a shit about “the middle ground of the country” (who lets face it are unionised teachers, unionised nurses, unionised WINZer, unionised bureaucrats, and Winston’s codger-vote — none of whom would be enfranchised in democracy).

        Get in. Fire the head of the DPMC, head of Police & Army if necessary. Replace the judiciary. Amend the constitution with a bare majority if necessary. I mean fucken Hellen did all of this and more

        Then you change the country —- fast, hard, deep

        Just like Roger, Ruth — and Hellen

        Do not Smile.
        Do not Wave.
        Do not live in a state house on the DPB.

        • I don’t disagree.

          I wonder what Key’s legacy will be?

          Shearer has the answer to that you know.


      • StupidDiscus

        there are Labour governments in Australia and the UK that are more right than the current National Party.

        Considering the whole tax take, Hellen cut taxes more than John Key did.

        Yep she whacked the top rate to 39% – but guess what – only unionised civil servants actually pay that “rate”. Any sensible self-employed or small business sure as fuck doesn’t. And WFF is basically a huge “middle NZ” tax cut.

        Key whacked up GST – and by now, that’s more than compensated for his dropping the top tax rate – a rate drop, that again, only really helped unionised labour voters…

  • unsol

    National doesnt have a “woman” problem at all – you can only get your quota of gender or ethnicity if there are people that actually want to do the job.

    Politics is a playground for kindergarten bullies and if it isnt that then it is painstaking red tape & managing competing interests. Another words frustrating & incredibly boring.

    You only have to look at the top roles in the public service or businesses with a vested interest….which some may regard as the brains behind a lot of these ‘brilliant’ ideas the pollys come up with. There’s plenty of women in top roles there….CEOs even.

    I think women are generally far too smart to be in politics; far better to be where the action is rather than an overpaid mouthpiece.

  • StupidDiscus



    I don’t support affirmative action

    Precisely. Can’t have it both ways.