When will it ever end? Herald ruins a nice story with a bombed image

The Herald Bombs just keep on coming. Take this story about a couple of brothers raising money to replace a pensioner’s stolen car. It’s a good story, some nice news for once, ruined by the sub-editing:

Two brothers from Porirua have stepped up after a 94-year-old man lost his most prized possession – a mint 1977 Mazda 323.

Joel Briggs, 29, from Elsdon, was watching an episode of Campbell Live, and heard of a Matamata local, Hugh Pickering, who had had his car stolen after someone broke into his garage.

Mr Pickering had bought the car, a Mazda 323, brand new in 1977.

Neither Joel nor his brother Joshua have met or spoken to Mr Pickering, but Joel says he was touched by his story.

“I thought it was pretty stink so I jumped on Facebook and started a page for him.”

The Facebook page, ‘Hugh pickering mazda 323’, now has over 1000 likes.

herald bomb

How the Herald thinks a 1977 Mazda 323 looks

That is no 1977 Mazda 323. They could have got a picture of the car though off the Facebook page they quoted:

1977 Mazda 323

A 1977 Mazda 323 

Good on these guys for helping out, and shame on the Herald with their journalists, trained and skilled for stuffing up the story.


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  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    The pic in the herald looks like a Subaru WRX

  • LesleyNZ

    Laziness. Can’t understand it. Good on these lads.

  • ConwayCaptain

    We carried Mazda 323 on the Coastal Trader. She had just done a Drydock in Singapore and been lenghthened and we were discharging cars in Lyttelton and one of the wharfies operating the car lift was a bit too fast as the car drove off. The lift went up and caught the car between the deckhead and the lift. Now before the DD just put the lever down and the lift would come down and the car would be released with little damage. They had changed the piping and the lever was put down and the lift went up and wouldnt stop.
    Therefore we changed a Masda 323 into a Mazda 161 1/2

  • blokeintakapuna

    it’s a car and it’s blue… close enough is good enough?

    Accuracy is something the Herald leaves to the unions on reporting their financials…

  • James M

    Clearly stolen to become a rotary. look at its condition its great. all they will do is strip the chassis/vin plates, swap them out for the ones on the thieves rusted out or crashed piece of shit then Whala! Its back on the road reborn as a boy racy piece of shit rather then the beautiful little classic its seen as here.