Where’s the fire?

via blog.core-ed.org

via blog.core-ed.org

The media, with the help of the opposition parties, have  been pumping the “Christchurch School Closure” announcement up for all it’s worth.

I guess it’s because they can smell blood in the water.  Parata is wounded, and they think they can deliver a death blow.  

In the end, 7 schools will close.

Cue the “Outrage”!

Have we forgotten that there was an earthquake or two?  Have we forgotten that these closures aren’t driven by any sort of Government policy to close x number of schools?  Has just about everyone fallen for the hype and is directing their anger at the government for being so callous?

Sure, the media are covering the human angle here.  Communities will be disrupted.  Teachers will need to move, and some may lose their jobs.

But the truth remains that those schools were quake damaged.  The cost of fixing them and bringing them up to spec meant that some practical decisions needed to be made.

Says Duncan Garner at Radio Live:

Seven schools to close in Christchurch – what’s the big deal?
281 schools were closed under Labour in nine years.


The media lust to tie one to the Government via Parata has been palpable, but this isn’t their silver bullet.



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  • TeacherUnionsRscum

    To quote stuff:

    “Parents and children mourning”

    More like “Teachers mourning”

    • Patrick

      spelling mistake mate – I am sure you meant moaning instead of mourning

  • Agent BallSack

    Say hypothetically children were playing at these schools and a building collapsed, killing students or teachers…would they not demand her head for not protecting the victims also?

  • Time For Accountability

    I am really over the self serving Simpson Teacher crying a river of tears.

    Many change schools anyhow as the progress from Primary, Intermediate, High School etc. Strangely enough it is just part of the process and this is just another step for the better. of the children.

    As someone said today. – Children are resilient.
    They will stay with their friends on most mergers.
    They will end up with something better.

    None will die despite what media, opposition parties and the negative teachers say.

    Some of the teacher tears are about moving to another environment that may expose some poorer teachers and those Bin Laden type Union folk.

    The hypocrisy of Labour is palpable.
    Like the Greens – They talk of the problem not the solution time and time again.

    Just when we were lucky to escape the Goff 15 second negative sound bites, The press attach themselves to MT who does the same thing.

  • GregM

    Also, there is 4300 less kids on the Christchurch school roll this year. I know, lets rebuild classrooms in red zoned areas so they sit empty and get vandalized. Good one Labour / greens, et al.

  • sheppy

    1 Billion Dollars invested over 10 years, less than 1% of kids effected, over 80% of schools not affected – how come that bit isn’t in the media?

    Yet another storm in a teacup

  • cows4me

    The Liarbore filth closed 3 schools around here, not a peep out of these Liarbore scum sucking voters in CHCH at the time. The boots on the other foot now you clever bastards, isn’t it fun.

  • very well worded Whale.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    There are some words missing. I would have added “and our unionised teachers.” at the end.

  • Never in the dark…..

    Garner speaking positively of the Nat government!?!

  • David

    I’m from Christchurch and I’m sick of hearing whingeing parents. Yes, Parata, stuffed up the closure procedures but so what. These school closures will cause zero hardship to anyone. I heard one parent yesterday whining cos his little treasure would now have to travel 2km to get to school. Boo hoo! It’s time these parents got real. The New Zealand economy is a basket case, the city has been struck by devastating earthquakes, whole neighbourhoods are almost deserted so school rolls have shrunk meaning fewer schools are needed. Frankly, I believe this frenzy is mostly driven by opposition parties, lazy media and parents. I don’t believe most school pupils give a flying fuck if their school is going to close or not.