Which government department? The Herald certainly has no idea

Easily mistake I guess. ACC or IRD, I can see how they could easily be confused.

I feel sorry for Adam Bennett, he actually is “a decent journalist, trained and skilled“, pity about the sub-editors though.

"Decent journalists, trained and skilled" have made sure the image matches the story

“Decent journalists, trained and skilled” have made sure the image matches the story

The Herald has a major problem, they seem unwilling to do anything to address it. Their claims of being a newspaper of record are diminishing by the day. The former glory days are sadly long since past. 

One wonders what Shayne Currie and Bryce Johns are doing. Right now they seem to be focused on adjusting the colour of the fabric on the deck chair cushions on the Titanic.

See this shit


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  • Orange

    The picture has now been updated to ACC but the picture caption still reads Inland Revenue.

  • Hey blubber. It must be a year now since your riveting expose of dear old Matt Blomfield. Um. Whats happened since? Charges? Convictions? Or just egg on your face? So much outrage. So little impact

    • Michael

      Way to use your email as your username nob head.. [email protected]

    • Lofty

      Hey Dan are you the wedding photographer?
      Welcome to Whaleoilbeefhooked looks like you could be a fun guy.

    • I only got to tell half the story…then little Matty decided he’s try a bit of vexatious litigation..nearly done on that though…

  • The Herald iPad app is particularly poor with captions. Pay peanuts you get monkeys.

    • They paid heaps actually…like millions and they are paying heaps more for the HoS re-design