While Prosser insults Muslims, the Herald insults cheese cloth

Only from the Herald…they have changed it now but I already had a screenshot. Just as well they have “decent journalists, trained and skilled“.

What next evil Hindoos?



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  • Bob Prangnell

    So I note that you are also afflicted with typos, which is basically what you are so mad at the Herald for: “trained journalists, trained and skilled” don’t you mean “decent journalists, trained and skilled” – or is it the case when you do a typo it’s somehow OK, but when the Herald does it the story is different?? Note also that a lot of the herald’s typos are one letter, whereas you managed to get a whole word wrong.

    • Are you a subbie from the Herald? Explains your precious whiny assed reply.


    • starboard

      fuck off Bob..

    • P1LL

      This is a blog dickhead , the Herald is supposed to be a news paper with paid “trained journalists, trained and skilled “

  • Bob Prangnell

    typical fucking wo double standard. pot kettle black