Who should read Whaleoil? MSM waking up to Smartphone Thief story, and more to come!



One News is onto the Christchurch Smartphone Thief story.

I have more on this story this afternoon.  Much more.

They may want to keep their story open until that’s out there too.

It includes threats of violence and even a death threat.

Stay tuned.


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  • Tristanb

    Good work for breaking this story, WO!

  • Mr_Blobby

    Whats the bet. TVNZ rides to the rescue again, arrives late, misses the point, and supports the rights of little shits.

  • Dave

    Congrats to Whale Oil and you Cameron The more the crims are exposed the better, if they had half of a brain cell they would steer clear of stealing technology that might identify them or their location, but no it seems their half a brain cell is lonely and dysfunctional. Please mr Policeman, arrest the scumbags, please mr Judge lock the barstards up then DEPORT them. No limp wrists or bleeding heart socialist attitudes here, show the rest of NZ WE will not tolerate this at all.

  • Craig

    “I have more on this story this afternoon. Much more.”