Whose electorate? Not his that is for sure

The Herald seems to think that Richard Prosser has an electorate when they went and canvassed opinion about his “Wogistan” comments:



He does not…Waimakariri is the electorate of Kate Wilkinson, of National, who took it from Clayton Cosgrove.


Prosser is a scum list MP of indeterminate mandate.


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  • ConwayCaptain

    I voted for STV which still gives you a proportioanl representation but you get to choose and see the candidate(s) you are voting for,
    Not this dross and dregs of society that we get lumbered with from Alamein Kopu onwards

  • williamabong

    The twats can’t even get the number of votes cast for him correct as well, these clowns continually aim low and still fail to achieve.

  • Stuarts.burgers

    This is something I really love about MMP with List Members claiming an Electorate.

    The Horrid would have been better to go find some of the 5% of voters who voted for NZ First and asked the questions of them, this would more equate to a constituency for Prosser than some ramdon persons on the streets of Waimakariri

    • williamabong

      Seeing as most of them suffer from dementia it might be a bit of a struggle getting them to remember who they voted for, most just voted for that nice man Winston.

  • cossackstomper

    Have to say I agree with him in many ways. If the Muslim religion doesnt change with the times. Stop its desire to take over the whole world, and have any non believers pay the dina tax then these sort of comments will go on for ever and a day. The Muslim religion is more than just a religion it infiltrates entire government and Social Structures its values seem to change at a drop of a hat, and its definitely not a Religion of Peace. The Countries that are devout Muslim Countries are some of the most corrupt countries anywhere in the world. I found it laughable when the Greens called prosser a racist to which he replied race isnt involved here I am talking about Religion.

  • Richard McGrath

    I got more votes standing in Wairarapa last time than Prosser did in Waimakariri.

  • Apolonia

    Looks like he was the lowest polling candidate, behind candidates from; National,Labour,Greens and Conservatives.

  • well.. DUH. they in that electorate were obviously unimpressed enough NOT to elect him or his stoopid party at the last election. this is just sensationalist press isnt it.