Why are there so many Russian meteor videos?

Mark McDermott at NPR reports

The videos from Russia today of a meteor roaring over the Ural Mountains are amazing.

They also raise a question: Why do so many Russian drivers have dashcams?

Robert Krulwich explained why last December.  And PC World is among those today who note that the answer is relatively simple:

Many Russian drivers install and run dashboard cameras constantly to capture evidence in the case of accidents or scams involving pedestrians purposely getting hit. The cameras have long provided a steady stream of YouTube hits, which are now commonly combined into compilations.

And we have already enjoyed quite  few of those ourselves.

Here’s one of a amazing accident where nobody appears to end up hurt at all.  

And this video shows “why it’s good to have a dash camera” when there are scam artists around.

As Jalopnik writes, “psychopaths are abundant on Russian roads” and having video evidence can be important in court.

“The other side of the Russian Wild Wild West is the sloppy online content policy. In the U.S., we can’t really watch anything slightly more serious than a subway fight or one car rear-ending another, as diligent censors quickly nab any videos with bad injuries, too much blood or other overly violent content.

“Russian websites go for the uncut, the horrible accidents–trucks flipping over, people being smashed into pieces and sedans flying up in the air and exploding. Given that television programming is mostly vacuous and heavily censored, dash-cam videos are very popular in Russia. It’s uncensored–drama, comedy, tragedy, horror, thriller and educational genres fused into one super-genre of ‘dash-cam.’ ”




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  • i fully expected the car driver to jump out and check that the truck driver was ok…. Nope… he didnt seem to give a flying f**k.

  • Why are there so many Russian meteor videos?
    Simple. It is more probable that a meteor will hit the atmosphere over the world’s largest country than any other.

  • cows4me

    With out doubt the driving in Russia videos are the best, the bastards are mad. I guess we should enjoy them before the politically correct, big government and lawyers take over.