Why would you piss off Socialist Cindy?

Lord knows I’m not in favour of Socialist Cindy as she is a confirmed pinko and believes in pissing away taxpayers money on all sorts of dumb stuff. At the same time she has brought style and grace to the Labour Party that has been lacking.

This style and grace has mean’t that the sisterhood, in anger at seeing a woman who doesn’t revel in her own body hair, have been shamelessly smearing Cindy with ethics issues. 

This is very stupid from the sisterhood. Most of them are past their used by date, and many had probably gone sour when still on the shelf, but they haven’t seemed to realise that their time will come, and at some point soon they be out on the street looking for a job. By pissing off Cindy they may end up finding themselves working at Michael Hill Jeweler.

When the sisterhood are moved on it is likely they will be replaced by a whole lot of Cindy’s mates. Cindy might turn the other cheek, but some of her less Christian friends probably will not.

Politicians on all sides should remember power doesn’t last, and those who you suppress may end up having power over you in the future. It pays to be nice to them, or they might give it to you in the arse in the future.


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  • johnbronkhorst

    as an aside Have you noticed, that during jacinta’s holidays to the meetings of international socialists, she uses the word “comrades” a lot, during her speaches. But NEVER in here speaches here!!!?? Wonder why???

    • Sarrs

      The word ‘comrade’ repulses me. I think if someone called me comrade I would have an involuntary reflex to punch them in the face. Or maybe it would just be a voluntary thing, I’m not sure.

  • williamabong

    Will the sisterhood EVER be moved on, me thinks not in the short term, Helen left her stain on the party and it will stay with us for a very long time.
    These evil hags go a long way to making sure Labour remains, without the assistance of the nut job minor parties, by and large unellectable.
    It will take the appointment of a brain capable of removing or diluting the hags, union flunkies, self interested gays, failed school teachers and other useless rubbish for this to change.
    Helens legacy will continue for a long time, as for “Horse Gob” she would be well advised to go out and get a real job, and earn real money, which from reading her CV is something she has never done, rather than fisting the long suffering taxpayer and pretending she knows what she is talking about, up till that point she has as much credability as as Gareth Hughes, NONE.

    • Mr_Blobby

      “It will take the appointment of a brain capable of removing or diluting
      the hags, union flunkies, self interested gays, failed school teachers
      and other useless rubbish for this to change.”

      The list on who’s left would be much shorter.As an aside stop picking on Jacinda, she is doing a good job.

  • Agent BallSack

    I never trust anyone who uses the word Comrade it puts the shits up me that there are Communists in our parliament. Perhaps it does the unionists too?

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Socialist Cindy will be replacing Sheep as the PM in 2018. So the sisterhood may be in for a ride at that time.

  • Phar Lap

    To think that an unelected woman a Lie-bour Party employed list MP gets so much money and media coverage ,beggars belief.The voters in the electorate she stood for rejected her.She is an electorate reject,past ,present and to come.Surely there is a better woman in NZ who could easily replace such a pest.Lie-bour sure shoot themselves in the foot when they select such inept,and inane bludgers.

    • Troy

      Better be careful… Meg will be in here soon flinging accusations of misogyny and every other term she uses to say everyone here is sexist… let’s feed the bitch then. I agree tho Phar Lap, Arden is a product of the lesbian lovers Helen and Heather who groomed her as a clone for their own ends – social engineering is that wimmin’s agenda but the liabour pinkos love her because she pushes the cause of bludging.

      • Hazards001

        Meg is a male

        • Tom

          Meg is a fuckwit. Neutral gender.

  • Auto_Immune

    My guess: Jealousy.

    Shearer will probably keep Jacinda with a high list place with an ‘important’ portfolio (despite her ineffectiveness with social development) – keeping some of the sisterhood off the front bench.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Why worry about Liarbore? They are doing just fine.
    Have a look at Red Blert – when do you see Socialist Cindy do a post? The place is a dive for Liarbour’s lost souls

  • Meg

    Still waiting to see any real proof, other than your posts, that what you are saying has any merit to it Whale.

  • J.M

    No man will ever get in there, guaranteed.