Will the National Party do anything at the Local Government Elections?

Local government is the breeding ground for political parties, where newbies cut their teeth and prove themselves. It is also an incredibly important part of our system of governance, with dodgy councils being able to waste lots of money then stick out their hands for more from government.

Strategically it makes a lot of sense for political parties to run strong local government campaigns. The strategic stupidity of the National Party means that they are not doing anything at these local body elections. The Board has not got involved at all, and caucus also put it in the too hard basket just last Tuesday despite the impassioned plea from Auckland based MPs.

This means National’s proxies, C&R in Auckland, and Independent Citizens in Christchurch are going to get no support from National, and will get a sound hiding from Labour in the coming elections. 

Labour aren’t so squeamish to get involved in local body politics. They do so for two reasons…one is training in campaigning and honing their get out the vote machinery and the other is local body provides a retirement path for their MPs. Instead of using local body politics as a training ground they use it as a retirement plan

National on the other hand ignores both but the evidence to the contrary is before them.

National has many MPs who were a success in local body first and then became MPs, Nathan Guy, Jami-lee Ross, Sam Lotu Iiga, Paul Goldsmith…not many National MOPs retire to become local body politicians.

National ignores local body politics at its peril, and peril is what they face, especially in Auckland.

I will outline this in a separate post.


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  • And I quote: “:This means National’s proxies, C&R in Auckland, and Independent Citizens in Christchurch are going to get no support from National, and will get a sound hiding from Labour in the coming elections. ”

    Will get?

    I thought Cam that (the sound hiding) is already happened – the rest up until November was just mere detail and formalities

  • LionKing

    In Auckland the only centre-right person is that show pony Cameron Brewer. But at least he is challenging Len Brown at every opportunity. When you look at C&R they are about as effective as dog shit. The only link C&R has with National is its Orakei chief chairleader Desley Simpson – the woman that runs Goodfellow. There’s also Desley’s chief handbag carrier and cocksmoker Mark Thomas, he just carries the plastic bags to pick up the Goodfellow dog’s shit.

    The centre-right ticket in Auckland needs a complete repackage with new people and not the same old tired retreads that get rolled out every 3 years to lose.

    • StupidDiscus

      Auckland doesn’t need a “centre-right ticket” that is actually far left

      Can I remind you all again that Barack Obama is far to the right of both ACT and the Conservatives?

      Auckland needs a hard-right party / corps that will wipe out leftism – at the ballot box and on the streets!

      • Mr_Blobby

        Shit Stupid that actually made sense.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Nikki Kaye = hottie with head screwed on right.

    • LesleyNZ

      At times!

  • peterwn

    AFAIK it always has been fundamental National Party policy not to get involved with local politics. In general this policy seems to have served National well over the years since ‘C&R’ type candidates are less likely to get trounced than ‘National’ candidates when a National Government is in power. Labour local candidates got trounced in the 1930’s despite Labour using state radio as a propaganda machine at the time to support local candidates. Possibly the time is right for National to get involved in Auckland elections, but such a fundamental policy change would need National Conference endorsement.

    • Spoken like a Wellingtonian…the conference isn’t about endorsement anymore, it is about holding a fan club festival. By the time the conference rolls around the local body elections are all but over.

  • williamabong

    Big question is will National actually do anything to get reelected next year, apart from sitting on their hands they have achieved SFA else, next years big winner looks like it will be Labour, the Gweens, and apathy.