Wog name but not a Wogistani at all, Xenophon detained in Malaysia

Independent Senator Nick Xenophon suggests if ...

Independent Senator Nick Xenophon  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Australian senator Nick Xenophon has been detained in Malaysia as a ‘‘security threat’’ and is going to be deported…I know he has a wog name, but he doesn’t look like a Wogistani at all.

Perhaps Richard Prosser is soon to be announced head of  Malaysian Immigration Department.

Independent Senator Nick Xenophon has been detained in Malaysia as a ‘‘security threat’’ and is to be deported back to Australia within hours.

Senator Xenophon, who has raised serious concerns about the probity of the upcoming Malaysian elections, was stopped by immigration officials this morning on his arrival at Kuala Lumpur airport and told he was on a “watchlist”.

Senator Xenophon was in Malaysia leading a bipartisan visit of Australian politicians for talks with the country’s opposition party about electoral systems. He has been highly critical of preparations for the election to be held later this year.

In particular, he’s pointed to serious concerns about the integrity of the country’s election rolls.

Senator Xenophon said from the airport that his detention was “bizarre”.

Malaysian immigration officials told him there was a technical glitch with his passport and then escorted him to an area of holding cells but he was not put in a cell.

‘‘I was eventually told apologetically by immigration officials that I am on a watchlist, that there are orders from above in terms of security concerns and I have to be deported on the next flight out of here,’’ he told Sky News.

It certainly looks like Malaysia has taken Richard Prosser’s anti-wog stance seriously.


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  • williamabong

    Excellent idea, something we could and should do here, if you come here to meddle and interfere in how we run our country we don’t want you, enjoy the flight home.

  • Mr_Blobby

    This is what happens when you stick your nose to other peoples business.

    Now how do we deal with our own busy bodies like bureaucrats from councils, government , quasi Government bodies etc who all feel they have a right to tell us here what we should do and when to do it.

    In short they all want to be part of the problem not the solution.