You flee, you die – Some people never learn

Once again the media are all aghast that a young teen is dead after fleeing the police:

Two families are mourning a Hamilton 17-year-old who was killed when he crashed a stolen car in the early hours of Waitangi Day after a short police chase.

A small group gathered yesterday morning at the crash scene, on the intersection of Baverstock Rd and Wexford Rise in the rural suburb of Rotokauri.

It was just hours after the Nawton youth, known as “Rock”, had been thrown from the vehicle he had stolen from a Dinsdale address.

Also in the 1991 Nissan Maxima was a 14-year-old boy, travelling in the front seat, who was last night in a critical condition in Hamilton Hospital with serious leg and abdominal injuries. A 15-year-old girl, who had been wearing a seatbelt, was uninjured. 

He wouldn’t have died if he hadn’t stolen a car in the first place, then hadn’t decided that he could outrun the Police. Two separate decisions made by a 17 year old fool…the result of which was his death.

Darwin got another one. People are stupid.


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  • James M

    I wish the scum that have stolen two of my cars did this to themselves. alas they hadn’t

    • Tom

      Thought the same thing when mine got nicked recently. Was crossing fingers it would be wrapped around a post! Unfortunately it’s just disappeared into the fog that is South Auckland, never to be seen again

  • Andrei

    I guess its a mistake you only make once, though

  • blokeintakapuna

    Young, dumb and full of …enthusiasm! 10 foot tall and bullet proof… no more.

    Kinda feel for the parents, because they most likely attempted to install morals, ethics and a sense of right from wrong – however this fuckin’ dick head only got what he deserved once Karma made him instantly pay his dues. I have no sympathy for him or his passengers at all. The survivors once healed, should be made to spend month’s of PD in hospital Emergency rooms each weekend until they’re 21 y/o.

    My sympathy goes to the traumatised police officer who had to witness the fool dying and the emergency services who had to clean up the mess this thief left behind.

    I can only hope he had a massive life insurance policy and the government gets most of it to pay for the police and emergency services cost this clown costed all of society.

    Then there’s our vehicle insurance costs that go up because of thieving scum like this that firstly steals someone else’s property – then writes it off getting himself a Darwin award!

  • rouppe

    I reckon the vast majority of these crashes are caused by Police calling off the chase.

    Imagine, you’re being chased, your mirror is full of those red and blue flashing lights, then all of a sudden they are gone. What do you do? You’re still going flat out cause you still think you’re being chased, but you’re not sure where the pursuer is anymore. So you look around, in the mirror etc wondering where they went.

    Result? Crash. Time and again…

    I reckon Police should never call off the pursuit, they should keep going till they get the bastard

    • Mr_Blobby

      The Police should never ever call off a chase.

      It sends the wrong message to the fools. They know that if they run a red light,cross the center line or drive at excessively high speeds the chase will be abandoned.

      There should be a felony evasion charge were if you run from the Police during a crime, say car conversion, you face an automatic mandatory jail sentence that has to be served consecutively with any other sentence.

      That is if you are really serious about discouraging the behavior.

      • Jimmie

        Yeah well the penalty for failing to stop for red & blue lights is only a fine.

        That is why dicks who do a runner always get charged with reckless/dangerous driving as they can be sent to the clink.

  • TeacherUnionsRscum

    Known as “Rock”? a rock for a brain

  • Bunswalla

    The lady whose wall this dipstick drove into at speed apparently slept through the whole thing, and when she heard, said “What an awful thing to happen.” I don’t blame her for not telling the truth, given that only hours later all this drongo’s mates turned up to “honour” the fucking idiot.

    But just once, I’d like to hear someone say “What a stupid thing to do”. Things like this don’t “happen” – earthquakes and tsunamis happen. Vehicles don’t leave the road, they don’t fail to take a moderate right hand bend, and they certainly don’t run over toddlers in driveways. They’re inanimate bloody machines. Drivers drive off the road, run people over, hit walls etc. Stuff doesn’t just happen – people do stupid things.

    • Travis Poulson

      “What an awful thing to happen.”

      Maybe she was talking about the damage to her wall.

      • poor wall. hee hee.

      • Bunswalla

        “What an awful thing to happen,” she said. “I feel sorry for his parents and his friends.”

        She must mean Mr and Mrs Brick and his friends Mortar and Paint.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Well the average IQ has just risen again. The country has just lost another net economic cost. Hopefully he didn’t have time to breed.Win, Win, Win.

    I don’t think it is a case of never learn, but more one of not capable of learning.

  • BJ

    All parents need to emphasize its not ok to be party to stealing a car and that more often than not the consequences will be serious injury or death – so teenagers – make smart choices – thats all.

  • surfisup

    The original story made it sound like poor kid was just scared of being caught on a learners license. I thought that was a bit tragic.

    Now I’m quite glad that this scumbag won’t be stealing anymore. Cowards like him have stolen my car twice and broken into it numerous times. One lowlife cut themselves quite badly when stealing my car radio and i hope it hurt.

    My new car now has a security chip and for some reason thieves ignore it even for simple break-ins.

  • Cause for another Darwinian celebration, surely.

  • Callum

    How did the retard parents of the 14 and 15 year olds not know where their inbred kids were?

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    It is sad that a young person died but TOO bad. Little scumbags like this deserve all they get. I get pissed off at people who say the police caused it or they shouldn’t chase cars, BOLLOCKS. If people didn’t make that stupid decision to run and just stop then things like this and innocent people wouldn’t get killed. Not many people get away and should realise this before they run. In these cases where a stolen vehicle etc is involved, ACC should not pay anything towards the funeral costs.