March 2013

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Community Service Notice – Vote for Warrington SLSC


A friend has asked me to spread the word and solicit votes for Warrington Surf Lifesaving Club, I’d appreciate your votes and a blog post would be even better:

BP is running a nationwide competition for Surf Life Saving, where an IRB (Inflatable Rescue boat) is the prize for the club with the most votes. Warrington Surf Club was leading the votes, since a campaign was kick started by Columba College, after the incident at Purakunui, when the IRB from their club was used.

The boats are worth $25,000 and for a small club like Warrington, this would mean lots of raffles, sausages sizzles and quiz nights to raise the money to buy one.   Read more »

“You shouldn’t leave a baby alone with a man”

Have a look at this



Failure to launch

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via Imgur

Doing the rounds today.

Personally I’d love to see him try.  Perhaps the short-term loss of lives setting the future generations free can be balanced in some way.

Plus, it would be cool to find out how many Photoshop creations are coming to get us all.

Easter Bonus: Boiled scrambled eggs. No shit

I’m trying this tomorrow

Oh look, the Green Taliban are upset. Good, the Government is doing something right then.

Jacqui Stanford at NewstalkZB reports

The government wants to ban protests within 500 metres of mining structures and ships in New Zealand’s Exclusive Economic Zone.

It is planning to introduce two new offences to deter protesters.

They would include up to 12 months imprisonment or fines of $50,000 or $100,000 for damaging or interfering with mining structures and vessels.

Anyone going within 500 metres of a ship could be fined $10,000.

Excellent.  And why stop there?  Let’s lay some exclusion zones around other strategic assets on land as well.  What do you think would happen if the Green Taliban decided to block Auckland Aiport for a fuel emissions protest?  Exactly.

Protests are fine, but not by actively trying to stop or otherwise interfere with the legal goings on of anyone else.

Of course, the Green Taliban hypocrites don’t close down Auckland Airport, because they are some of the grateful users of its services on a daily basis.

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Explaining is losing

Some people just don’t know when to shut up, like this sicko who like to film women in public toilets.

Auckland man Ian Frazer, 42, pleaded guilty in March last year to secretly filming up women’s skirts at Westfield Albany after being nabbed by a security guard at the Farmers store.

He was found with up to 250 short videos, many of them painstakingly collated by him and given sexually explicit titles. Frazer said he did not regard the videos as offensive because the women had no idea they had been filmed.  Read more »


SCCZEN_280313HOSSPLWHITE2_460x230A teacher who is trouble for various reasons also has developed a mystery illness.

A teacher from an exclusive Auckland school is subject to a Teachers Council investigation, understood to be over a mystery illness and claims she behaved inappropriately with a student.

Jacqueline White, known as Jackie, left her job as senior college headmistress of Pinehurst School in December after spending five months on sick leave because of a serious illness.

She also worked briefly at the beginning of this term as deputy principal at Avondale College before resigning through ill-health.  Read more »