$30 An Hour Is A Minimum Wage I Can Support

Cactus tweeted this last night

That is Hong Kong dollars…….. so NZ$4.69 per hour

Looks like the workers are very happy as well all smiling on the billboard.

Simon Bridges should run a series of billboards similar announcing how happy New Zealand workers are to be getting NZ$4.69 an hour.


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  • Remind me how much tax do they pay over there? ;)

    • Richard McGrath

      Flat tax of about 16% is one option in HK I think.

  • Agent BallSack

    Don’t worry – When RedGreen form the next government your $30 will soon be worth $5.96 too.

  • starboard

    Minimum wage in Thailand is 15 bucks…A DAY..!!

  • J.M

    Regional Japan is around 650 yen or $8 NZ. Things aren’t as bad in NZ as people think.