6 reasons to do yoga, but only one matters


Everyone knows yoga is for chicks…but did you know it was once the preserve of men?

FOR whatever reason, yoga has been typecast as a modern health and fitness discipline that belongs in a “woman’s world”.

Most classes and studios are geared towards the female population, and a recent study conducted in the US showed that 4 out of 5 people who practiced yoga regularly were women. If you do see a man in a yoga class, more likely than not he has been dragged there by his partner.

An interesting note however, is that yoga was originally devised by men, for men — yet somehow this got lost in translation when it migrated to western culture from its roots in India, as far back as 500 BC. It has only been around in the Western world for the past 80 years or so, yet its popularity has really skyrocketed in the last 15-20 years.

Now, it?s big business. Classes, studios, DVDs and yoga retreats are popping up everywhere, and it seems that every second woman these days is covered head to toe in Lululemon clothing. At its core, however, yoga remains one of the true classical forms of?exercise.

The author says there are 6 reasons for blokes to do yoga.?

1- Yoga will compliment your training schedule

2- Yoga isn?t all just Chants and Meditation

3- Yoga is great for relaxation and stress relief

4- You will improve your posture and reduce the incidence of back pain

5- Yoga will humble you

Which is all a bit mumbo-jumbo and gay to me…the real reason you should do yoga is:

6- You will meet women (who like to take care of themselves)

The other day, my wife and I attended a part yoga class, part dance party called the Future Sounds of Yoga here in?Sydney. When I attended, I found that there were less than 20 men in a class of over 200. This class was 90% women. You can?t find that male/female ratio in a pub, a supermarket, a gym or anywhere else. Women will be intrigued and slightly interested that you had the courage to even show up. Side note: women also look great in stretchy pants.