A good idea, hard to argue with this one

Very hard to argue with the logic behind this one:

Crikey’s Bernard Keane said it first and best last week: “We await Morrison and Abbott committing to electronic ankle bracelets for priests and politicians, both of whom have far higher rates of criminal prosecution [than asylum seekers] and yet who are allowed to roam our streets in freedom with the community none the wiser.”


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  • maninblack

    most politicans are wankers.

  • cows4me

    Dog trainers would be a better option, a zap of high voltage for every indiscretion. Second thoughts, battery costs would be prohibitive.

  • Patrick

    Same logic could be applied in NZ – why has Cullen not faced censure for lying about PREFU? Or for gifting NZ $1.5billion to an Australian company Toll Holdings? Or Helen Clarke & Labour for consigning hundreds of thousands of Kiwi workers to low wage welfare dependancy via Working For Families? Sue Bradford keeps telling us all that poverty causes crime therefore Clarke made thousands criminals through WFF. She should be dragged before the courts.