A message to my military readers



I have had a few emails from regular readers, subscribers and commenters who are in the military.

They all relate to their ability to get either via RSS or email (which is powered by RSS) the full text of each post.

For those on deployment, especially on ships or in Afghanistan and other regions, I’m told they have email access but little or no ability to browse.

I have now found a solution for you all.

If you are in our armed forces, or operate from a remote location where email or RSS the only way to enjoy Whale Oil Beef Hooked then please email me with your details so I can add you to the subscriber list. You can then commence to receive all my pearls of wisdom direct in your inbox, or the full RSS feed.

At this stage this facility is only available for those in the services. A short explanation of your current service/rank will suffice. Special exceptions will be made for those outside the services, but the explanation really does need to be exceptional.



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