A pilot who thinks he’s Christ but can only die once

It’s never a good sign when a pilot compares himself to the son of God, and then starts talking about his own death.

“Captain Ravendra Pal Singh, convicted of assaulting two student pilots in a cockpit 1500ft above the ground, compares himself to Jesus Christ.

“I have had a very glorious past in various countries,” he says. “Even Christ was crucified for something he did not do.”

He¬†claims to have fought wars, counts among his personal friends the president of Botswana, and constantly refers to himself as “one of the best pilots in the world”.”¬†

Something’s not right here, and I think it’s Captain Ravendra Pal Singh.

Singh, who will be sentenced for the two assaults this month, was this week still defiant.

“There are a lot of people out there that are wanting to destroy me.

“I have fought in wars and I know, a man cannot die two times, he can die only once.”

So, no resurrection then?

He sounds remarkably like Sian Pearl Going…living in a fantasy world his own making.


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  • Hazards001

    Thank God…at least they took his pilots licence off him!