A reader emails about bail and dud judges

A reader emails about bail laws and the stupidity of bad judges:

Hi Cameron

Here is a newspaper cutting I photographed about a year ago because it is so stupid I like to show friends when we talk about stupid judges . Reading about the dude that’s run off while on bail reminded me and I thought you’d get a laugh.

photo (6)

What do readers think?

Are the judges getting better or worse?

Is it time for Judith Collins to start putting in place some performance review processes for dud judges?


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  • Troy

    Anyone know if the offending judge was disciplined by the pathetically inept Chief Justice? Rhet.

  • Michael

    Nah, seems legit.

  • BW_Lord

    But this guy is clearly a victim of vicious right wing policies. No?

    • Agent BallSack

      Perhaps the judge used Duncan Garners measuring stick from 3rd Degree last night? He’s Poor, Brown, and a Bit Thick!

  • Gazzaw

    The only conclusion you can draw is that the judge is hopelessly incompetent and not up to the job. Quite obviously there is an old boys network involved in their appointment. The legal system in NZ is hopelessly inefficient from top to bottom and needs a complete review.

    • Cadwallader

      It has been reviewed and one of the outcomes is that the number of Judges is to be depleted. I expect that as a consequence the liberal progressive Judges appointed under Labour’s watch will retire and move on. These are the generation of Judges who were required to undergo marae weekends and other crap rather than being scrutinized for their wisdom and (un)commonsense.

    • Patrick

      Draw up a list of competent judges – would be easier & much shorter than a list of the incompetent

    • Mr_Blobby

      If a normal person was that Judge, not only would they hang there head in shame but would fall on their sword. Nut up clown.

  • Get a grip
    • parorchestia

      Thank you for this. Amazing! It shows we need a system that judges the judges, corrects the correctable and eliminates the incompetent. Almost every other job is subject to reviews, except the public service if the proposed amendment in front of the house gets through.

    • Agent BallSack

      How many times do you have to breach bail and commit violent crimes before a judge gets a semi hard on and locks you up in this country?

  • Agent BallSack

    What drugs is the judge that gave him bail on? This is what’s commonly known in law enforcement as ‘form’. And due to hopeless ineptitude in all government departments he would still be receiving a benefit while evading justice.

  • starboard

    he’s obviously got short mans disease..

  • Acceber

    Clearly this judge has rocks in his/her head! There doesn’t seem to be much of a consequence for committing crimes these days – do a bit of time maybe – hang around on bail whilst having a good time – on the dole too I expect!!! REALLY what is this country coming to! Time for a new government

  • Bunswalla

    I think you’re being too harsh and quick to judge here. Don’t forget everyone’s entitled to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty, and doubtless there’s a completely innocent explanation for all 13 serious offences listed above.

    You maori-bashers are at it again, tchh!

  • Dave

    Almost makes me want to start a performance scorecard system for judges. Would leave their day to day decisions alone, as we “lay persons” should not interfere with the law, but rate them on the relevance of sentencing, name suppression and bail. When a judge gives a crim bail and does not demand a surety from family or similar, or if the crim had a long rap sheet, or if they abscond, then its noted and scored appropriately.

    This could work if it was in the public domain…… bit like comments on Car reviews. Dear judge, your rated as the worst offender in NZ!!

  • johnbronkhorst

    How about Collins uses the same treatment on dud judges and run away bailers, as for boy racers cars (after all that was effective). Put them in the CRUSHER!!!

  • Patrick

    This guy needs a good hard….cuddle & a family conference paid for by the taxpayer before he goes & does something seriously wrong…..remember early intervention is the key to prevention

  • HtD

    Lack of accountancy leads to incompetence and arrogance – a dangerous combination. Think US bankers and NZ judges.

    Bail is a good example of their entrenched stupidity, but by no means the only one. ‘Innocent untll proved guilty – generally speaking, I would say “my arse.”

    Politicians wring their hands and whine that separation of state and judiciary means they can’t interfere, but it’s OK, because the system is self-regulating – judges are judged during appeals (by…guess who….by their mates other judges, with whom they will be working next week.) Cop-out bullshit.

    As for weak sentencing, the Crown know it’s not worth appealing – so they only do when sentencing goes from ‘dumb and weak’ and to ‘outrageously insulting to victims and society and dangerous to boot’ Because judges don’t like overriding each other.

    Bail has only become conventional because of the crazy delays that judges and lawyers have engineered to keep their gravy train ploughing on through the rest of us. We need pollys to sort this crap out immediately.

    • HtD

      But National won’t, because some of them are lawyers themselves, becaause they take advice off the lawyers and judges who are the problem and because they are weak.

      • Agent BallSack

        You have to ask how many successful lawyers want to become Judges though? It seems our Judiciary is made up of failed defense lawyers who see Judgehood as a way to earn more than legal aid pays. Not all perhaps but a damn good percentage.

        • HtD

          That’s a startling but very plausible theory. Do you have any evidence of this? How do I discover what proportions of defence lawyers and crown lawyers become Judges? How do I find respective salaries? I know that commercial lawyers spending a career in litigation become criminal trial judges, which seems like a dentist being promoted to heart surgeon. All This should see the light of day

    • Hazards001

      ‘Innocent untll proved guilty – generally speaking, I would say “my arse.”

      I’d probably go along with that but I still don’t want to see it go the other way. If I wanted a system that found you Guilty until proven innocent I’d move to Bolivia or Argentina or China, or Mexico Or Iran, Iraq or any of the other Muslim pissholes. Nope..might not be a perfect system but I prefer it over the other option. Judges need to be performance rated just like every other employee. Let them be elected like they are in other places. Then we’ll see who wants what!