A reader emails…

The comments about this blog being biased are incredibly revealing – both the one today by the list MP and even Chauvel’s comments.

By complaining about bias in a blog, they are telling everyone they lack even a basic understanding of media.

This is not a news source.

It’s a running commentary on news and events.

How do they not get that?

Of course a blog is biased.

It’s meant to be.

I suppose they are unhappy given how many people tend to agree with the opinions expressed here.

Boggles my mind that people [are] missing that fundamental difference.




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  • Steve R

    If your blog wasn’t biased I wouldn’t read it. Haha.

  • Phar Lap

    I thought she was a Lie-bour MP part of the coven of sisters.To cap it off she appears to have at least two daddies.Now with her uneducated outburst, she is doomed to be exposed every time she opens her mouth,as the joke of the month.

  • Andy

    I had a laugh listening to Charles Chauvel wittering on about the BBC being unbiased


    Presumably, he also thinks The Guardian, The Standard and The Daily Blog are also unbiased.

  • JeffDaRef

    if Shovel or whatsherface want to read commentary slanted in favour of them, just buy a Herald, or if reading is a struggle – watch Campbell Live – both great sources of left wing propoganda!

  • James M

    Wait a minute… this blog is biased to the right?

    I thought nick names like “the invisible man” and “winnie the pooh” were compliments

  • cows4me

    Blogs like this must drive the left insane, not only can they not control the message but worst even still they can’t control those viewing. It’s beginning to dawn on them that their lackeys of the MSM no longer hold court and the more popular blogs are beginning to lay their lies bare for all to see.