Able C#nt Winner


A young lad taking up 2 spaces so he can chat up a girl


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  • Frank Black

    Not really parked as such then, more like stopped

    • Cadwallader

      Agree, and the photo doesn’t reveal whether her tits are worth ogling.

    • Orange

      Just some perv with a $2 camera wanting some faux outrage to attempt to validate what must be a soul destroying job

  • Andy

    Wish I’d had a camera the other day in ChCh. Black BMW with tinted windows, loud music and reg plate CR1ME

  • Bunswalla

    Do they have special parking for normal people at the Paralympics?

  • Jerkear

    Is she a working girl?, does his number plate mean ladies man

  • surfisup

    Fail!! if a disabled driver turned up he is in the car so he can move.

    This is not exactly ‘parked’.

  • Don Pemberton

    Why do people that are caught using a disabled carpark illegally start arguing, you could say they don’t have a leg to stand on but then……..fuk it, i give up