Able C#nts, Collection 2


The argument: how do I know it wasnt a mobility van. The answer: no mobility permit


One of ISS staff does not understand the purpose of mobility parking



a convenient park for taxis



standing in front of the car so I cant record the number plate… got ya face c#nt



an ex Westfield Henderson’s security guard taking a park for convenience sake


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  • johnbronkhorst

    Just got a ticket, because I forgot to display my wifes disability card, when I took her to the shop. $50 for being stupid.

    • Orange

      Don’t worry, they will post a picture of your car with license plate here and call you a c#nt because once a parking nazi, always a parking nazi.

      • unitedtribes


    • It’s $200 – $300 in the US. Fell lucky you weren’t here.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Why would you not just leave it in the car on display.

      • johnbronkhorst

        because it’s wife’s card and it can ONLY be displayed if she is in the car. It is illegal for me to show it is she’s not with me.

    • Chris

      Are you going to accept that and pay the fine? Why don’t you just tell them you have a card and that you forgot to display it?

    • Write to the Council and explain the situation. They will usually let you off such a ticket if you can show evidence (which you can) of being a legitimate user of the card. Chances are you were busy preparing your Wife and forgot to finalise the in car things. Good luck – hope you try to get a reprieve :-)

    • you can write them send photo proof that you were legitimitly using the park and they will waiver the fine. I had to do that when we had the earthquakes and my newly disabled hubby could not get his mobility card as the building was damaged and closed. i sent a photo of my hubby and a photo of his applicaton to wilsons and fine was waivered :)

  • BJ

    I don’t agree with an able bodied driver parking in a disability car space full-stop. My blood boils when I see this facility abused. My brother is a quadraplegic (walks precariously, small distances) If he is transporting himself of course he needs to have a disability car space close to his destination but if I am driving him I park in the space long enough to drop him off, then vacate so a disabled driver can park there.
    These clowns illustrated above are no worse than the lowly dishonest people that use a relatives disability card for their own means – and that by my observation, happens frequently.

    • unsol

      well, we definitely agree on this. It’s absolutely appalling & the only ‘oh I was only there for a minute’ is no excuse.

      As you might suspect, I’m a frequent caller to *555 (they do keep a record so if the idiot causes a crash later it can be used against them) & now I might start taking pictures of this kind of thing…..and cyclists who ride 2 abreast on narrow roads causing traffic to bank up unnecessarily.

      Not as severe as abled bodied parking in disability spots, but good to have a zero tolerance to all forms bad & inconsiderate road & vehicle use.

      • Bunswalla

        Cyclists have as much right to be on the road as anyone else. Certainly they should not deliberately obstruct traffic, and should pull over as soon as it’s safe to do so, but they can ride two or three abreast if they so wish. Most don’t, including me.

        • unsol

          Completely agree – I’ve have clocked up many 1000s of kms myself. What I find most irritating is the rich middle-aged pricks who have no skills, poor form & think they own the road just because they managed to do Taupo in under 7 hours on a Pinarello. When you look at those who really put the mileage in & those who do it for a living you find that they have a different attitude. They are assertive, sensible & know when it is appropriate to ride 2 abreast or in the middle of the lane on say a good downhill in a 50km zone. It is these useless recreational mass cyclists who sprawl out all over the roads in massive bunches with their girths hanging out below their lycra & knees going everywhere but under their hips that are pissing everyone off. The downside of course as this means drivers who don’t cycle think all cyclists are dicks.

        • Ronnie Chow

          Firstly , fuck pelotons . Secondly , fuck stupid cycling clothes . Thirdly , fuck the road rules when you are cycling .
          And fourthly , for all you motorists out there , that could be your own child on that bicycle . So , fuck you poster Greg .

    • Ronnie Chow

      BJ , for all that I disagree with you , only disabled folk should get the parks . There is widespread abuse of the system .

  • BJ

    You can tell the different mentalities by observing behaviour.
    1. ‘oh heres a park’ – drives on in, gets out quick slamming unused seatbelt in the door. Car left unlocked, 2yr old left to fend for self. Actually, doesn’t think much at all. duh!
    2. frustrated, no park right out front door, bugger it, I’m not going to be long – slinks out of car, looks around to see who saw.
    3. Drives right on in – ‘I’m entitled to park here because I’ve got my mothers mobility card, so there’.
    4. Parks car and stays in it while mate goes to liquor shop – ‘What you looking at? It was empty’ ‘who’s gonna stop me – you?’

    What these morons fail to get is that there might be a disabled person going round and round the carpark and – they can’t tell from their car whether the person in the disabled spot is legit.
    Dob them in – major fine.

    • Ronnie Chow

      BJ , I’m starting to see you as a real person . Shitheads =Hammer time .

  • jonno1

    My paraplegic friend is a multi-millionaire businessman who drives a late-model Merc. When alone he lifts his wheelchair out of the passenger seat and assembles it beside the driver’s door then slides into it. Amazing. The amusing part is that when he first pulls into a mobility space he often gets glares from passers-by. Their expression changes dramatically when he commences the above manoeuvre!
    Apparently you’re not supposed to be both rich and disabled (he’s probably made more money since his accident than before, a true example of overcoming circumstances). Oh, and he’s a manufacturer, so is a productive businessman.

    • Ronnie Chow

      Don’t worry , my friend . Kiwi’s are almost as objective as the rest of the world .

      The day when we can see inside another person is coming . The skill that we had as animals is returning through electronic means .

  • Ronnie Chow

    When reading these posts , I am alerted to an underlying moral ethic in the psyche of NZ’ers that largely goes unnoticed .

    We want a bit of leeway .
    When Clamper Clout forced he cops to pay $150 , the cops decided to send him to Coventry .
    The average kiwi feels justified in bending the rules , just a little bit .

    Should the law perhaps be adjusted to suit the whims of the populace ?

  • We pay a doctors fee for assessment and then another membership fee to CCS so that my husband can have his disability parking permit so that he can park in larger, better spaced spots, allowing him to make his way around our vehicle on his crutches, so that he can then swing the back door of our 4×4 wide open so that he can then get his wheelchair out of the vehicle. This fee gives my husband some normality. If able bodied people wish to park in the car park that my husband has to pay to have left clear for him then look out. We will be taking your photo and submitting it to either this site or the facebook page You’ve Got My Carpark, Do you Want my Disability Too?.

    We receive no funding from ACC, WINZ or any other agency, charitable or otherwise. The costs of my husbands disability are worn by us alone. So we become awfully offended when we see these things abused.