Able C#nts, Collection 3


in no hurry to move… oh well a photo is evidence enough to send them a bill


after a fair amount of abuse they left… feeling proud of themselves



their disability? the ability to park straight



some drivers can be realy arrogant



claimed they couldnt see the markings in the dark… perhaps after paying their fine they could buy some glasses


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  • unsol

    Cameron are you standing there taking these photos in full view? If so you sure have some guts – I felt brave taking on the middle-aged cyclist the other day & the young Cook Island man making throw away comments about child abuse, but this is the next level.

    I’m not Maori, but I do love their phrases, including ‘kia toa, kia kaha, kia manawanui’ which apparently means be brave, be strong, be persevering.

    Except for the random beemer, there are 3 thing these little bastards all have in common – brown skin, shitty cars (& I thought the average car was 13 years old on NZ roads….judging by these which look around the mid-late 90s it is more like at least 15 years old!) & no respect.

    • jonno1

      Heh, had exactly the same thought unsol (except that beemer is pretty crappy too). I have a mobility card but only use it when there’s no regular space reasonably close by, to leave room for those worse off than me. The width of some regular spaces can be a problem though, as I need a bit of room to swing the old legs out. There’s one exception to my policy: some locations seem to have waaay too many mobility parks (Sky City comes to mind) so I’ll use that slot to free-up a regular one. [I’m not a gambler, don’t even know how to to, but there are some good shows on at Sky City from time to time].

  • Mr_Blobby

    Carjam ATK475 3problems, 1 warning, Plate lapsed, Rego expired 2 years ago, WOF Failed,not done.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    Fuck, out of all of the cars the Caldina and the BMW have current WOF and reg, the others have over 300,000kms on the clock each

    its not that fucking hard to get a WOF, and to get insurance. i drive a 23 rear old Corolla and apart form the odd thing it flies through.

    I hope these cunts crash into a brand new Ferrari but of course its never people like this who do that.